Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Far too short.

Sophie and 'The Font' head off to the morning market in search of the fishmonger from Arcachon and fresh prawns for a risotto. Bob and Angus head down through the sunflower fields to the stream and the waterfall. The cool early morning air hinting at autumn.

The sunflowers now just passing their best. The taller of them starting to wither in the sun.

For some reason the wheat field is full of hares. I stop and count seven of them. What they're doing out in the open in broad daylight is something of a mystery. From the fact that they don't bound away when they see Bob I presume it's because they're eating the grains of wheat left on the ground by the Combine Harvester. 

At the drainage ditch dog and master stop and sit. My legs dangle over the edge, Bob sits next to me. Angus wonders aloud why angry politicians are so popular. The male PON wonders what angry is. '' It's how you feel when there's a cat in the garden drinking from your water bowl " I suggest. He thinks, silently, about this but decides this sounds more like fun than anger. 

After ten minutes of contemplation we head home. Bob walks with the lightness of a dog who is immersed in happiness. This may be down to the sunny morning, it may be his companion, or there again it may be he's enjoying the peace and quiet of an hour without the 'diva'. We are waved at by the young garagiste, the builder in his lilac metallic Mitsubishi and the farmer in his white van.

I've got a new 'fitbit' which informs me that our morning walk is 4000 steps and our mid-morning walk a less daunting 2000 . Bob considers both walks to be far too short.


  1. I'm thinking Bob would make a first rate therapy dog.

  2. If you are referring to the USA, I think it is because some of the populace feels they have been used and abused. Their basic good nature and helpful charity to other parts of the world returned to them in death and destruction. Even a well loved dog will turn if it's cruelly abused and try to attack.
    Pam, keeper of Bonnie n Kenzie, wee Scottie girls

  3. I think I'll vote for Bob in the coming election.
    And yes, he would make a great therapy dog. (look at all the people he's already touched in a beautiful way)

  4. Oh my a fitbit! I got one last May the 8th and have lost 23 lbs and Peter has lost over 30.5 lbs. when I first got it I could barely do 2500 steps, now we do easily 10k. Quite an accomplishment with osteo arthristis in both knees. Losing weight has made walking easier and less prssure on the knees.
    Mine is the flex basic model no heart monitor or stair climbing monitor. We now are more aware of how to park far away to always get our steps in even on busy days.
    Have fun with it. Cheers.

    1. I huge have added May 8th 2015!!! I have now done over 4 million steps.

  5. Another very good day, methinks...

  6. I like your version of morning rush minute.