Saturday, June 10, 2017

6:00 AM.

Sophie finds a dead mouse under an oak tree. She eats it slowly. After she's finished she snorts with delight.

There's no better or more savoury start to a day. Unless, of course, you find two dead mice under an oak tree - in which case things would be twice as good. A sort of double snort day.

Bob is too busy checking the garden for c-a-t-s to be bothered about pre-breakfast snacks.


  1. Oh I must say Mlle Sophie, very inelegant for such a stylish lass as your self to eat dead mice. Would it not have been much better to have waited for some croissants?

  2. Angus, you must have been very confident that mouse had died 'of natural causes', not poison? (I need something to worry about!) Is there a snowball's chance Bob would actually catch a cat? Because that would be much more exciting than a poor its-bitsy mouse, now wouldn't it!!

  3. The best things in life are meant to be savoured. And perhaps followed by a snort or two.

    1. That's pretty much the Code Mr Beau (aka Bozo) lives by! But, a MOUSE?? Yuck

  4. If I could just have a pasterie from the delightful bakery, I would snort several times before even tasting it !!!

  5. I'm always struck by how very different their faces are.
    Miss Sophie may need a trim again, it's hard to see her eyes. Or maybe impaired vision caused her to think a dead mouse was a croissant? Nah.

  6. Yeuch Sophie - that's disgusting ! Slivers of croissant are much better, and worth waiting for.
    Our belated Spaniel X, Duke, used to chase cats (well, anything that moved, actually) and once caught one up a tree ! We never knew who was more surprised - Duke or the cat !

  7. We're with Bob! Cats cannot be allowed to take over the world.