Monday, June 12, 2017

Greta Garbo reincarnated

While Bob and 'The Font' head off for a power walk round the lake Sophie and her master go to the covered market for a chicken. Bob finds the covered market too busy for his liking. Sophie, being Greta Garbo reincarnated, is convinced all the shoppers are adoring fans. She loves it.

We buy a chicken for dinner.  Angus looks at the counter and considers the merits of a) duck carpaccio b) duck wellington c) duck steaks and d) duck steaks with a foie gras topping. The latter seems particularly artery clogging. Why the residents of SW France should be so prone to longevity when they live on a steady diet of duck fat is something of a mystery.

The butcher asks if we want the head left on the chicken. '' What about the feet ? " he adds. Both are declined. Sophie looks crestfallen. What better way to see in a new day than with a chicken head ? We wander round the stalls while the butcher gets to work removing the birds extremities.

A humdrum display at the bakers. Monday morning on a day that promises to bring 100 temperatures is not peak cake time. All is not lost. The pretty young lady shop assistant with the upturned nose gives Sophie some croissant crumbs.

Today we opt for a Fraisier, a Royal Chocolate Feuillantine ...

 ... a raspberry and pistachio tartelette for 'The Font' and a pineapple cheesecake to go with it.

That is lunch and dinner pretty much taken care of. 'The Font' will have one, possibly two, mouthfuls.


  1. I too would have been disappointed that the offer of chicken head (and feet) was declined.
    Although a croissant sliver from a pretty lady with an upturned nose would have been some compensation.
    Toodle pip!

  2. For the font one or two mouthfuls is an elegant sufficiency. I would think that the PONS think that they should have the remainder so as to waste not.

  3. Duck carpaccio? As in raw?
    I would love to get the Font's dessert scraps!

  4. Compared with other fats, I believe duck fat is quite a healthy one...akin to olive oil. It's not to be found here in our Texas supermarket so I actually order it from Amazon because I like to saute some things with it.

    Good news about REM's successful showing yesterday.

  5. Yum. Thanks for taking us shopping.

    1. Yummy is right; I swear I gain weight reading this blog. (and throughly enjoy it)

  6. Humdrum looks very appealing from here.

  7. We're having left over mussaman curry...definitely not in your league.

  8. Wish I had 'The Font's' self control !

  9. The cakes look gorgeous but oh my goodness, those chickens look like real chickens. I would be so ashamed to show you what passes for a chicken in this country. And how could you possibly knock back a head and feet? What are you going to do with the chicken bones from that fantastic chicken if not make chicken broth? Huh?