Friday, June 16, 2017

An omission.

An early Thursday morning walk with Bob before heading off to the airport. For forty five minutes the important things in a French village take priority - the donkeys, the new calves in the field by the stream and a gaggle of ducklings that have made the village pond their home. Angus changes into a suit . Bob and Sophie know that the black shoes are a sign of a wandering flock. They segue into their glum routine.

London warm and muggy. Everywhere the topic of conversation the fire that was still raging in a tower block in the West of the city. The Prime Minister goes to the scene but doesn't meet any of the residents or families. An omission of empathy that London's highly opinionated cab drivers are quick to pick up on. 

The art in the dentists waiting room presumably chosen by a committee. Angus is told, as he has been told on every trip to the hygienist over the last forty years, to floss better.

Angus meets with men in dark suits in one of those grand Georgian town houses that have managed to survive redvelopment. 

The view from the bedroom window of his hotel this morning does little to inspire wonder. 


  1. The cabbies may be right. Safe journey home to the flock

  2. That is a particularly hideous waiting room. Designed to encourage patients to improve their flossing technique so return visits will be infrequent?
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. If it helps, this hygienist was told this past week by her hygienist, that she also needs to floss better.

    Safe travels Angus!

  4. Hi Angus, were you inspired to retire to France like "Hester & William Fields" in the BBC production called "French Fields"?! Hilarious program we enjoyed years ago.
    Safe Travels back to the rickety old French farmhouse and loving PONs!

  5. The view could be worse Angus, I get to stare at a building encased in plastic for renovations. Although when its complete the apartments will cost in the millions so I wonder what I'll be staring at then?

  6. I always enjoy your London pictures but the sunrise with Bob is truly lovely.

  7. It wasn't just the cabbies who noticed the lack of empathy; the twittersphere was quite incensed.
    I think your dentist's chairs must have been chosen with a kickback to a chiropractor.
    Your view from the ROF is definitely much better. Safe home.

  8. Much prefer your photos of deepest France profonde, to those of Central London. Bet you were in a hurry to get home. Safe journey.

  9. That last view just makes the beauty of the little village stand out.

  10. Tell the dentist his paintings are hung too high. :)