Sunday, June 18, 2017

The most amazing thing.

The lime tree on the village green already alive with thousands of tiny early rising bees. The humming sound audible from inside The Rickety Old Farmhouse. Of all the things in this little French village the humming lime tree is perhaps the most amazing. It is the sound of summer.

Today is the second and final round of the French parliamentary elections. The 14 original candidates whittled down to two. The mayors wife waves at us as she puts out a tray of honey croissants on the trestle table by the town hall door. The little lady in the purple hat shouts out a cheerful 'Bonjour' . Although little more than ninety pounds she will again be on 'security' duty to check electoral registration cards and turn away 'undesirables'.

Sophie stands on her hind legs and watches passing voters . From the howl of disappointment she lets out as the villagers walk by it can be assumed she wishes to have a staring role in the electoral process. I do wish she wouldn't stand on her new hind legs but they seem to able to withstand the stress and she certainly isn't bothered.

The little market town busy with locals shopping before the heat builds up. Bob and Sophie share a quarter croissant and a bowl of water. Their owners have a coffee. The PONs are soon contentedly asleep under the cafe table.

On our way home we get stuck behind a melon lorry. At corners and speed bumps melons fly off the back. The driver finally stops at the motorway tollgate to find out why so many cars are flashing their lights at him

And here's some Polish music for a hot Sunday morning :


MOPL said...

Only a quarter of a croissant between the dynamic duo for breakfast? Does not seem enough for their work ahead of them today watching the voters

Coppa's girl said...

Never underestimate the power of those in small packages and wearing a purple hat !
A quarter of croissant does seem somewhat stingy, but perhaps it was just for "afters".
Melon for lunch?

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I share your thoughts about Sophie's knees. I have those same thoughts when Max jumps up, and because he slipped on the floor about a week ago. Holding his knee up he hobbled away. When I checked him, I had him slowly extend his knee and I heard and felt a "pop" and he has been fine ever since. But that just can't be good.

Angus said...

Sometimes after she's vaulted off a tree stump or run backwards and forwards across the orchard after a cat there seems to be a bit of a limp but after a quick nap the symptoms seems to disappear. The two alternatives are keeping her in the small side garden away from her brother or letting her do what she wants to. There are only 24 hours in a day and the diva is only truly happy when she's playing with her brother so why not ? Doesn't quite still that small ever present Presbyterian voice of worry !

Unknown said...

The lime tree is a beauty.
Doesn't Sophie ever occupy Bob's stump seat?

Angus said...


Emm said...

I am envious of an electoral system where one gets croissants with the voting.
One of your two candidates seems to be avec Macron, and the other is avec-something but a peeling corner of the poster obscures. Awaiting results with some interest.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Zero degrees here this morning. The honey croissant sounds great, but will have to settle for a crumpet with honey this morning.