Thursday, June 1, 2017

PON hair.

Six posters up on the bill boards. The Communist ladies have been joined by a couple sitting on a bench and a stern looking gentleman with five o'clock shadow. The other eight parties seem to be slow in getting geared up for the fight.

Outside the church the wrens have built a delicate nest . Closer examination shows it to have been woven out of PON hair.

An uninspiring collection of cakes at the baker. Mid-week pastry doldrums.

Bob is in fine form.

So is his sister although her hair's having trouble with the humidity.

Overnight the Polish builder left his trailer outside the Salle des Fetes. This morning it had gone. Some time during the night an opportunist saw the thing and drove off with it. He wonders if we'd seen or heard anything. ' Did you lock it ? ' I ask him. '' No " comes the reply.

Now here's something you don't read every morning :


Virginia said...

It's not fair when the boy in the family has the looks and best hair! He is a very good looking fellow. Angus, if we had that kind of choice in our shop I'd be in seventh heaven (and the size of a house in three months!) Today is our adult son's birthday, and the best our suburb can do are cupcakes from a local place (called Cake - imagine my eyes rolling) that are 70% oversweet icing and 30% cake. ... some people do love them. At a 2 year-old's birthday recently our grandson (just 2 himself) finally grabbed one of these electric blue coloured abominations and stuffed it in his mouth, completely underestimating the depth of soft icing. Whoops!! His father told me he had to pick it out of the boy's nose so he could breath again!!! Such cakes appeal to two year olds!

Angus said...

The image of two year old nostrils and blue cup cake icing will stay with me all day !

WFT Nobby said...

So kind of Bob and Sophie to do their bit to alleviate the local wren housing crisis.

Taste of France said...

You call that patisserie display "uninspiring"?!?!?!
It's kind of sad about the Polish builder's plight. I hope he gets the trailer back safely and soon.

MOPL said...

I will bet that Pon's hair nest will be lovely and comfortable for the baby birds. So thoughtful of Bob and Sophie

Julie said...

I have to confess to being inspired to try the strawberry cover cake, how can you resist?

Swan said...

I have a birds nest I found on the ground by my horses had some of her hair from her mane in I. I cherish it.

MLou said...

The wren nest is a lovely little find. Those birds have excellent taste in home decor.

Coppa's girl said...

Well, there certainly isn't the usual selection of yummy cakes today, but I don't think we'd pass up the one that looks like a Lemon meringue, or the strawberries.
We used to see bird's nests in the hedgerow behind the house, lined with hair from our yellow Lab. At nest building time I made a point of grooming him in the garden.
Poor Sophie, it's just not fair when your brother looks so well-groomed !

Unknown said...

I think Sophie’s hairstyle is very avant-garde and she should be recognized for the trendsetter she is.
How sad that the Polish builder’s naïveté was so cruelly repaid.
The wrens’ fragile little nest is lovely.
The imaginations of cosmologists are apparently as limitless as the mysteries of the universe.
I’ll have an uninspiring cake, please. And thank you, Virginia, for that unforgettable story.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Love the PON Nest. The babies will have a very soft bed.

Emm said...

I am quite shocked at such a crime wave in France Profonde. In a village of fewer than 70, surely the trailer will be found soon?
Blue frosting ::chortle, giggle:: The cakes on display look pretty good to me.
And I quite like the idea of there being a parallel universe. More than once in recent weeks I've said, "Stop the world, I want to get off." Maybe we could arrange some kind of transit corridor or footbridge.

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

Every spring robins build a nest in the jasmine on my front porch. One year their nest was intertwined with pink Easter basket straw.