Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The birthday minefield.

'The Fonts' birthday next week. Bob and Angus head off to the cafe. We find a shady table under the umbrellas to discuss what to buy. The fat free chip fryer we bought five years ago is getting on in years and has developed certain 'quirks'. Bob thinks a replacement would be a good idea. After forty years of navigating the birthday minefield Angus is less sure that a replacement appliance would be met with a 'positive' spirit. Clothing, after an unfortunate experience with something in Alabama Chain Gang Orange, is a no no.

The cafe is selling Lime and Mint Mojito flavoured puff pastries. An unusual choice at six thirty in the morning. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Angus orders one. Bob gets some dry biscuit to go with his bowl of water.

The cafe is doing a brisk trade selling slices of creme caramel. These are being consumed by a group of young male students who are returning home after what I can only assume has been a heavy night clubbing.

Two pictures grab our (my) attention at an art gallery. The first has a calm, reflective Asiatic feel to it.

The second has a red leaved tree against a gold background. Something about the way the leaves stand out makes it interesting.


Coppa's girl said...

Birthday gifts for our "other half", are, indeed a minefield, no matter how long you've been married, and I'm not sure that I would meet a replacement appliance in a 'positive' spirit either. However that rather nice Asiatic style picture would be very well received, but perhaps not what you or Bob had in mind? What does our diva girl say on the subject?

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie and I also think Sophie should be consulted.
(Actually, Bertie thinks you can't go wrong with a bag of liver-based treats).
Cheers! Gail.

Angus said...

Sophie treats every day as if its her birthday. Sausages would be a consideration.

Taste of France said...

A furry fox?

Emm said...

I'm still laughing about "an unfortunate experience with something in Alabama Chain Gang Orange". Those lime and mint pastries look quite tasty, perhaps they could be part of a present.
And I agree that the red tree picture is quite pleasant. Would that be suitable?

Unknown said...

Bob may have let his personal preferences influence his recommendation of a new chip fryer.