Thursday, June 15, 2017


We're all up at five to open the shutters and let the cool morning air blow the heat out of the house. Sophie somehow knows she's going to the covered market . While I go to get the car keys she leaps in and then out of the car. Not bad going for a girl with two metal legs. At our destination the family diva is out of the car like a flash, She's keen to get up close and personal with the butchers counter. She is hurried along. Her nostrils twitch with joy at the tantalising scents coming from a wide variety of sausages.

We reach the fish counter. Our journeys goal. Some langoustine for a lunchtime risotto and some sole for dinner. Sophie sits, nose high in the air and sniffs and sniffs.

The fishmonger gets his supply from a firm in Arcachon. A lorry leaves the quayside in the small hours and at the market for its five o'clock opening. By six, when we get there, the days business is already well underway. By nine all the fresh fish will have all gone.

Back home for a game of savage my brother and then a long doze after all the excitement.

For me it's a trip to the fishmongers. For Sophie it has been an adventure of the highest order. Can life get any better ? The answer is clearly yes. The butcher could develop a nervous disorder and drop several strings of sausages in front of his fluffy admirer.


WFT Nobby said...

Oh to live near such a covered market. Heaven!

Taste of France said...

The whole "shutter dance" works wonders in keeping the house cool without air conditioning.

Coppa's girl said...

The fishmonger is a good reason to visit your part of the world, Angus. Have you thought of organising a few tours, taking in the fishmongers, the sausage counter and of course - the patisserie ! Afterwards we could all have coffee in the square and share slivers of croissants with Bob and Sophie !

Unknown said...

Angus, back to yesterday's post, could you buy a star for the Font in her name as a birthday gift. I am sure she already has an excellent telescope. Peter says do not buy an appliance or clothing, he is learning! Cheers.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Having just finished the "nose class" with our boy Bo, I have to think Sophie would be the star in the class - But when she would advance to the next level, she'd be disappointed that the "scent" was birch, and not the other edible ones that gals like Sophie are so fond of!