Friday, June 9, 2017


The tractors have left deep canyon like paths through the fields. Bob and Sophie head off and race through the arcades of flattened stalks, invisible bar the tips of their waving tails glowing in the six am sunshine. When they reach the brow of the hill they turn and hurtle home. Bob is much faster on the return leg than his sister who scores points for pluck and determination rather than speed.

For me just another walk squeezed in between breakfast and talking to men in dark suits about the UK elections. For Bob and Sophie it is of course a fresh day filled with high speed adventure. This is known as an Arcadian lifestyle. A secret to happiness dogs impart to their owners. 

We pause for Sophie to glare at the pigeons in the church belfry.

The pregnant cows have been moved into a side field where they can sleep without being disturbed. We pass by quickly. Looking at their bellies I'm guessing tomorrow there maybe six new faces watching us. The egrets, freshly arrived from Egypt, stand on the cows backs and feast stoically away on fleas and ticks.

When we make it home The Old Farmer is standing outside his front door. He beckons us over. Ever the gentleman he greets Sophie and then Bob. He didn't sleep a wink last night. The pain returning. He's going into hospital for tests and scans next week. It seems the operation on the femur may have 'complications'. He tells me the hospital he's going to is the one his wife and daughter died in after the road accident. For the first time our doughty old neighbour is looking tired.

Here's a happy Australian dog :


  1. Does The Old Farmer have any idea how many of us around the world admire him and wish him well?

  2. Do pass on the very best wishes to the Old Farmer. Pain will do that to you, make you very tired. It is a tough battle. Finger and toes crossed for good results and outcome. Such a character. British elections are certainly interesting.

  3. Sending big hugs to the Old Farmer.

  4. Sending prayers to the old farmer..
    On another note, are you sure those aren't crop circles in the live in an exciting place!

    1. You mean the crop circles made by the aliens that flash lights in Madame Bays orchard?

    2. Have I missed something here. This sounds particularly interesting. Do tell us more sometime when you have a moment

  5. Or perhaps the crop circles are made by PONs circling?
    Adding my best wishes to the Old Farmer. That kind of pain is hard to live with, and I hope the docs find an answer for him soon.

  6. From here Sophie seems to be laughing, rather than glaring, at the pigeons.
    Many good wishes for the Old Farmer’s health.
    And a lovely story about Gavel.

  7. Sounds as if The Old Farmer may be hanging up his driving gloves.

  8. Beautiful photos - your little corner of deepest France profonde is truly paradise.
    Best wishes to the Old Farmer. At this moment my husband is having an operation to repair a broken hip, so he will no doubt sympathise with the old gentleman.