Thursday, May 14, 2020

Getting it done.

More rain and wind. The storm that's been lingering in the Bay of Biscay shows no sign of going. Roses pummeled. The peonies flattened. The Kiftsgate roses that had climbed high into the oak trees hanging forlornly down. None of this bothers Sophie who embarks on the best day ever with a C-A-T challenging whoop of delight.

At the storm drain we stop. I kneel while Sophie gets an ear scrunch and is told that this is 'her' home. A daily routine that's just as comforting for master as for dog. This morning we observe that the Flynn case is getting weirder and that the China trade deal is about to suffer a pre-election purge.  Sophie absorbs this news with canine calm. Then she's off along the lane at a fast clip. Croissants await , the rain's coming back and election year stories will soon be two a penny.

A quick trip to the bakers and a detour to the newsagent. The local paper warns its readers that the symptoms of hay fever could easily be mistaken for Covid. 

An advert for 'surplus' glassware. Priced from E3 a kilo. Don't think I've ever seen glassware sold by weight.

Sophie, who has been towelled vigorously dry, opts for a brief post walk snooze. Once again she finds a spot where her folks have to detour round her.

This interesting story involving a Rolex and a Rolls Royce caught my eye. Angus' car once broke down in Dacula when, as a student,  he was on his way to the Stone Mountain Highland Games. Not many folks in kilts are seen in Dacula - and certainly not by the patrons of Marys bar . :

Getting it done Alaska style :

Can this be true ? :


  1. I've been saying for ages that half the time if one develops worrying symptoms it's going to be be hayfever. Mainly because I am a case in point (every time).

  2. "Croissants await". Things are looking up!
    I enjoyed reading about Gustavus, with its 500 varieties of moss, its residents who know each other in 3 or 4 different ways (!) and its Toshco store.
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. L'Indépendante and La Dépêche (which run the same articles) have hurt their credibility regarding Covid-19 by promoting the crazy theories of Prof. Didier Raoult, an early advocate of chloroquine who most recently said, don't worry, it's almost over, no second wave coming.
    I have bought earthenware dishes by the kilo....

  4. Hari Om
    Very interesting reading in those links today - ta! My sister has had a lot of trouble trying to source antihistamines, so I guess lots of folks so I guess it's prevalent. YAM xx

  5. It is true about the pandas. Picky eaters.