Monday, September 28, 2020

A squeal.

Wet and cloudy. With the number of Covid cases in France still rising we decide to alter our morning routine. We skip the cafe and opt for the drive through bakers instead. This is the first time we've done this.

Dog and master enjoy our morning croissant in the car park. Angus moves to the passenger seat and Sophie sits on the tarmac by the side of the car. We chat happily away although to passers by we must appear a bizarre sight. Angus pulls a muscle in his neck while trying to take a photo of the croissant and cup of coffee. The older you get the fewer things you can do in a car without straining something. Sophie finds the car park to be a place of great interest. She think's she sees a rat under a bush. This is a cause for a head back, tail high squeal. Before this can be confirmed Sophie is attached to her lead and 'encouraged' back to the Volvo. The croissant is a lackluster 6/10. Although far from flakey it still manages to produce crumbs that cover the seat and the carpet.

A quick detour to the fancy greengrocers. We're the first in and the first out. Angus notices lemon flavoured yogurts. They don't seem to be selling.

The greengrocers shelves have that first thing on a Monday morning empty look. There are however masses of radishes.

Back in the village 'The Font' has found four rather sad looking sunflowers. The breakfast table enlivened by what are truly the last of the summer crop.

So starts a Monday morning amid the strange routines of a pandemic. Sophie of course is ignorant of human concerns - she's just determined to get on and enjoy life.


Lisa in France said...

I'm glad that at least Sophie enjoyed the outing to the drive-in bakery. I wonder if their croissants are always at the 6/10 level or if they vary from day to day. I also wonder at the unpopularity of the lemon yogurt, which looks quite appealing.

WFT Nobby said...

The croissant looks a bit tired, as do the sunflowers, and coffee never tastes as good in a takeaway cup. And a greengrocer dominated by radishes is not the most enticing sight. Still, no doubt Sophie thinks this the best day ever!

Susan said...

Lemon yoghurt is delicious. I think the shelves are just newly stocked.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Yes, I knw many who enjoy lemon yoghurt so agree with Susan! Now Angus and Sophie will have to keep testing the drive through baker to discover whether there is any consistency of marking of croissants... YAM xx

Tigger's Mum said...

Years ago a French visitor to our rural New Zealand home, decided to eat some freshly harvested radishes with butter on them - for breakfast. After several days of worrying that he wasn't finding familiar food in our home, we were amazed by this (and by the spontaneity with which he took to these radishes). We have never forgotten buttered radishes.
The lemon yoghurt by the way is the most delicious flavour of yoghurt.

Poppy Q said...

We've never had lemon yogurt but might look for some st the supermarket. Sounds like good weather for staying close to home.

The Life of Riley said...

If you repeat your Covid-19 safer morning routie above will Sophie get to enjoy cleaning up all the croissant crumbs in your Volvo?

The Life of Riley said...

Predictive text above. I meant