Friday, September 18, 2020

Another reminder

Angus is not happy. Heritage blogger has gone and with it his G-mail account for the second time. On top of it downloading the blog archive and associated photos is proving to be a tedious and unwelcome process. Thank you Google. All of this complaining about 'change' is another reminder that Angus has morphed into his father.

On our morning walk it looks as if Sophie is considering leaping into the village pond to chase the frogs who are cavorting on the water lily leaves. Thankfully, she thinks better of it.

Vandalism in the village. Overnight someone has broken a stone cross from a gravestone in the churchyard. We find it under a bush on the path that marks the route of the old village walls. I tell the mayors secretary and soon the old mayor, the German billionaires builder and the new mayor are in attendance. I leave them to their deliberations. A white motor home was parked on the square overnight. The finger of suspicion falls on them but why anyone should motor into the countryside with the intent of vandalising a gravestone is beyond me. 

Sophie and her master sit and have a lengthy chat on the village green. We comment on how frequently the word ' sedition' is being used these days. Of course one mans sedition may be another mans freedom of speech.

This morning we sit outside at the modern cafe. Sophie waits patiently while her master goes in for a coffee and a croissant. She glares at the sparrows who are flitting around so barely notices I've been away.



WFT Nobby said...

The tables and chairs outside the cafe are not restful on the eye. I hope the croissant was a high scorer.

Lisa in France said...

Yes, that giant houndstooth pattern seems kind of "haute '60s". And, yes, I had hoped and believed that "sedition" had been assigned to the historical terms section. Sorry to hear about the blogger issues - I guess this is how seemingly indomitable companies like google begin showing their age and vulnerability. I was having my own technological issues yesterday and couldn't post a response, but the link to the US climate change map was fascinating (horrifying?). We are planning to move back to the States in the next few years (assuming the US does not revert to monarchy). I have been more focused on climate change than my husband, but after reading your link, he suddenly announced at breakfast this morning that New Hampshire might not be so bad after all. Agree with you regarding the mozzarella-stuffed truffles, which also appear in our local Picard.

Tigger's Mum said...

Those chairs are like Marmite. We are still deciding which side of the line they fall for us. We are inclined to love them - they suggest youth and enthusiasm.

Camille said...

Ah Lisa...New Hampshire will most warmly welcome you. Unfortunately, climate change has resulted in shocking and increasing record breaking summers for temps and drought. Now they're predicting a veritable snowmageddon coming up this winter. We were beginning to eyeball the Pacific Northwest...but at this point that idea has been firmly removed from the realm of possibility. So perhaps we'll sit tight right here and start planning your welcoming party.

That stone cross must be incredibly heavy. What would ever possess someone to mess with it? How sad, but glad they did not get far. Hopefully they're all suffering from a strained back this morning.

Taste of France said...

The thing about progress is that it should be compatible with the past. I am deep in 5G for work and one of the requirements for the new generation is that it has to still carry calls made by 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G phones. There's a term for it--something like backward compatibility--but my gnawing headache has turned into a raging one after laying eyes on those pied-de-poule chairs.
As for the vandalism, my new exercise route has revealed an awful lot of rough campers in the environs. Folks who don't bother to go to a proper campsite also don't bother about where they leave their trash, where they relieve themselves, etc., regardless of the fanciness of the vehicle. The vandalism might have been opportunism or an accident. I doubt they came just to do that. And in a small village, the local youth know they would be caught and punished in a second.

Gemma's person said...

Well, for heaven's sake.