Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Ironic humour

Rain has been promised for the last three days. It seems to have passed us by although the sky towards Bordeaux has looked dark and stormy..

This morning the anvil heads are building up and the sound of distant thunder punctuates our walk round the village. Although it's barely light it's already heavy and humid.  Sophie chases the village C-A-T-S and hunts for badgers poo in the long grass. The moorhens scatter into the safety of the overhanging shrubbery as we approach. It goes without saying that despite the blue sky overhead it starts to rain just as our walk reaches the furthest point from the front gate.

Both Angus ...

.... and his furry companion get soaked. Sopphie is towelled dry which ends up with her looking rather 'electric'.

This mornings FT says this is THE definitive version of this song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh9WayN7R-s  . 

Should this be a surprise ? : https://news.illinois.edu/view/6367/1603161133


  1. Impressive clouds in the second picture. For such mornings, I would recommend taking an umbrella, if I did not fear it might make Angus an object of ridicule when walking round the village.

  2. Sophie got a free wash. It is super windy here and clouds are gathering too.

  3. Hari OM
    I agree with the FT analysis of the song; and am not at all surprised by the research findings re masks.

    Equinox and Ma Nature seems to know it. Autumn biting in hard today. YAM xx

  4. Sorry you and Sophie got doused, but what a striking sky. I wish everyone would read the mask article. Some people still seem to have the idea that if a mask is not an N95, it's not worth the effort. My son's college has done an impressive job of making masks as cool as they can, with school masks, team masks, etc., and I can see that others are starting to think in that direction, but it's unfortunate that an early opportunity to encourage mask-wearing by creating more fashion/brand-oriented masks was largely lost.

  5. We could certainly use some of those beautiful rain clouds her in California - along with the attendant cloudburst! I saw an interview with Lady Gaga yesterday in which she was sporting a black sequined mask. Looking tres chic! (As Sophie does daily!)

  6. The rain always starts at the point of no return....