Sunday, September 6, 2020

Coffee eclairs.

Another cloudless sun soaked start to the day. Sophie finds something 'tantalizing' on the village green. The workmen who have been cutting the grass verges have left their tractor parked outside the church. Its tyres are carefully sniffed 

Maybe it's the warmth of the sun. Maybe it's because it's the weekend but todays croissant merits a 9.4/10. Approaching Paris levels of buttery flakiness.

We ignore the tinned fruit tart and consider a pear charlotte.

Instead we opt for a coffee eclair for me ...

 ... and a red fruit tartlet for 'The Font'. Angus also asks for a tartellette au chocolat and a Bavarois. He puts this down not to greed but to a desire to help small businesses at this difficult time.

Sophie gets given some choux pastry crumbs which elicits a most unlady like yelp of unadulterated delight.

The Old Parisian Lady has seen her daughter, son in law and grandchild.  She wants to stay near them but also wants to get back to see her husband. He, after his cataract operation, is staying indoors with all the shutters closed to keep out the light. Madame Bay and the ladies of the Beautiful Byeways committee are there to give him breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Saturday evening Angus stops by with a bottle of St.Julien which is opened and shared in the twilight . Angus reads out stories from the local newspaper and has his diction corrected. We learn that Toulouse airport had ten million passengers last year but is forecasting only a quarter of that total in 2020. Tellingly, no forecast is given for 2021.

The gentle routines of September .

Something cooling for a hot Sunday morning :

Unintended consequences :

Can this be true about Australia ? I once saw a seething cobra nest ( den ? ) under a house in Chennai - which was an alarming sight :


Susan said...

As an Australian who has lived in Queensland, I see no reason to disbelieve the story about the pythons. Friends of mine in Brisbane have one living in their (considerably better built) roof.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
The snakes - yes, quite real. I had a carpet python in my mail box once. They are rather lovely but these had clearly done well, given their size and weight - quite possibly on the possums that almost certainly thought that roof space was theirs!

When we had the wetroom put in for dad earlier this year (Feb - no idea of what was coming), we included a bidet toilet (all in one). He recommends it to one and all (as do I ^&>) YAM xx

Penny said...

I commend your enthusiastic small business support!
What a caring community you share. The elderly patient must have appreciated your kind gestures and his return diction 'gift' is a delight.

WFT Nobby said...

It's one of the few silver linings to the pandemic that one has an excellent and worthy reason to indulge in patisserie treats.

Coppa's girl said...

Angus, what a splendid way to help small businesses! I'm not sure that there is anywhere selling such obvious delights locally, but it's an excuse to take a look!
It's strange but Inca, too, sniffs tyres on any parked vehicle we happen to pass on our morning walks. I wonder what secret signal they give out?
In all my visits to the US, I can't recall ever seeing a bidet, either in hotels or friends' bathrooms. Years ago (back in the 1970's) I had an American penfriend to stay, and she was absolutely amazed by the bidet in the family bathroom. Something she had never seen before, so had no idea what it was used for. I think it was a highlight of her visit!

Poppy Q said...

Tinned fruit seems such an odd choice when there is so much fresh fruit around. Maybe French people enjoy it? The croissant must be in your top ten.

Glad we have no snakes here = creepy.