Monday, November 30, 2020


Another day of writing a blog in a world where you can't go more than a kilometer from your front door. Angus is getting stir crazy. Sophie is loving the fact that her 'flock' is on call 24/7.  More cars out this morning. A sign that folks are returning to work ? 

The weather changing. Mid to high teens about to be replaced by rain and  low single digits. Sophie and her master are out making the best of the sunshine before winter settles in. Sophie's coat has suddenly developed its lush bad weather thickness and texture. Not a moment too soon.

Big decision of the day. At the T junction we pause and head off right down along the lane and then down the path to the valley.

The roses, lulled into bloom by the warmth, are about to get a sharp shock.

Saw this  . No land is shown, only the places people live. You can make out towns in New Zealand and Siberia. The populations of China, India and Indonesia dwarf Europe and the States. Obvious, but when you see it like this you understand what it means. Best to zoom image out.


Lisa in France said...

It does seem the lockdown in France is working and the numbers are coming down, so hopefully all is not in vain. I was just checking the NHK site to see if they've posted today's numbers for Tokyo, but at the moment the lead story is about Joe Biden's breaking his foot while playing with his dogs. The way they do the COVID numbers here is a little strange - the city collects all of the data by fax(!) from the various hospitals and health centers and then collates, so the numbers we see are always 3 days old and vary a lot because weekends are "off" - we now get headlines like "second highest Tuesday". Cherry doesn't have her winter coat in yet, as she's still "recovering" from her clipping last spring. She went to the groomer's last Friday so is now having a brief moment of white, silky, mat-free fur. Won't last - even in the middle of the city, she manages to get dirty.

WFT Nobby said...

That map is great. India - wow!
Bertie and I have been taking advantage of recent sunshine here in NE Scotland. And feeling very grateful we are free to range more than 1 km from home. Chilly though.

WFT Nobby said...

PS My inner map nerd notes that the visual would be influenced by the map maker's decision on what projection to use. For example, the traditional Mercator projection shrinks countries near the equator relative to those in high latitudes, which would exaggerate the apparent population density of India on the flat map.
Sorry. Must go back to thinking about Christmas shopping...

Poppy Q said...

You are lucky to have a lively property and places to walk around your home. It must be hard when you are used to roaming freely.

Taste of France said...

To Lisa, re numbers, France also takes weekends "off." Civilized society.
I don't think they are faxing, though. Actually, the government rolled out a Zoom alternative in just a couple of months for schools to use, because they were worried about students' data privacy. It's quite fancy (there are ways to ask a question, vote yes/no, break into groups...).
Re the map projection, I was wondering about that because I thought Europe was very densely populated. Perhaps not like India, but still...and I thought Bangladesh was the densest, or one of. I'm surprised by the mound in East Africa. Uganda? It's true that Burundi and Rwanda are quite dense...I remember flying over the Sahara at night and it was so utterly dark for so many hours. Occasionally, there was a pinprick of a light down there, and I wondered what it was like to live so isolated. As I would learn soon enough.

véronique Perez said...

Hello Angus,
Just few words to say that you can go now for 20 kilometers and 3 hours from your front door. Our "dear" president, Mr. Macron told this in his allocution last week. If you have your "attestation" on your iPhone, you just have to click to have an update of it.
Hope this will help.
Have a nice evening and cuddles to the sweet Sophie.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Thought Oz didn't even show up on the density map, then noticed, yes East Coast and Perth only. Things have opened up here, but as today should reach 44°, we won't be leaving home....