Friday, May 28, 2021

17 months.

It's going to be a hot one today. This morning , while it's still cool, Angus applies sealant to the new stone that's been laid  around the pool. A litre of sealant costs E67. How could it possibly costs so much ? The stone man says I'll need at least six litres. We settle on eight. Sophie watches me with growing impatience.

Down by the river the family diva demonstrates her high speed, head down, approach to life. Why walk when you can run ?  Today we have a lengthy drink from the water by the boat dock. This is where all sorts of detritus collects. Without a doubt the dirtiest, and evidently best, place to have a drink. 

Then it's off with 'The Font' to the cafe that does the good croissants. Even though there's still a lockdown for another two weeks  some semblance of the old daily  routine is re-emerging. Having the cafes and restaurants re-open has been a big change on the road back to normality. On Sunday we may try the open air market for the first time in a year. There are still no flights to London so the visit to the dentist remains on hold.  To make things even more complicated ,France, in an attempt to stop the spread of the Indian variant, has imposed a quarantine  on anyone visiting from the UK. It is now 17 months since either of us has visited London.



  1. One hopes the sealant is effective! Given the May weather in Scotland, the reopening of indoor seating in cafes has been a welcome development for my cycling group at elevenses time. We all became heartily sick of sipping our coffee from our vacuum flasks in near freezing temperatures...
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. It is strange to be away from "home" for such a long period. I have not been in the US now for more than two years. We are starting to become serious about making some sort of move next year, and after everything that's happened in the US(and after realizing that obtaining a green card for my husband would take 2 or 3 years given the backlog and confirming the parrots would have to be quarantined), maybe home will remain a place to visit. Portugal is now a topic of discussion again. It could just be the vaccine has made us giddy, but it's fun to think about.

    1. Hi Lisa, I'm also a fan of Sophie's adventures. And I'm portuguese, born in the north of Portugal but living in Lisbon. I can assure you and your family would be welcome and would live to live here. Glad to help if you need anything. Cheers

  3. The cost of pool sealant blows me away! I would've thought you could buy a complete liner for less than they're charging! Living in New Zealand, we watch with horror the dark months you have experienced. Today, unexpectedly, we got the call up for our first Pfizer shots. There are still many people unvaccinated. So far, border workers and their families have been done, and those with the highest risk. We're in the next group owing to me being immune-compromised and on suppressant medication. There is some travel from Australia to here, but that's under threat at the moment as there's a nasty outbreak in Melbourne. I'd expect we're at least six months off an open border.
    I do hope you are safe where you are, and although it is difficult not visiting the UK, keeping safe is so much more important, isn't it.

  4. Yes, the murkier the water the more appealing it is - Inca will confirm that!
    I have a stone surround to my pool, and non-slip tiles on the surrounding terraced area. When they were first laid, we asked about sealing them, and were told not to, as the sealant eventually flakes off when hosed down or pressure washed regularly. The remaining flakes then have to be removed, and the sealant reapplied. Quite an arduous task. It all depends, I think, on which stone is used, and how porous it is.
    Now tourists from the UK are allowed here again, we fear there will be a huge spike in virus numbers, after a regular downward trend. Though it will depend how many will want to self-isolate on their return home. It has been very pleasant to have the coast to ourselves, and enjoy the peace, quiet, and easy parking.