Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Our first start of day walk by the river in over a month. What is usually a forty five minute  stroll takes an hour. There are so many new scents to be savoured. Sophie will not be hurried. There is a French term, 'Tu es tetu', that reflects the PONettes attitude to being told to get a move on.

Strawberries which were E10 for four punnets are now E8 for five. I guess there's a couple more weeks of the growing season left before the heat brings it to an end.

The Old Farmer returns to to the village. His first post lockdown outing. Someone has scratched his car. Its one of those front to back, thin and deep scratches done by  a Stanley knife. He claims not to be bothered by this small act of vandalism but I can't help but feel he is. The venerable Mercedes is the pride and joy of this 91 year olds life.

River walk, visit to the strawberry farm and now a chat with the Old Farmer. Sophie does what she always does after a flurry of start of day hyperactivity .....  opts for a restorative nap.  This afternoon we get our second jabs.


  1. It's good that Sophie was able to get caught up on the latest scents by the riverside. As to the Old Farmer's car, how could anyone be so mean? Just looking at that Mercedes, it's clear what a cherished possession it is. I loved the Buzzfeed link - it reminds me how many amazing things have happened in our lifetime. I always wonder if every generation feels this way, but it does seem to me that this last 30 years or so have seen extraordinary changes. I have such a clear memory of the first time we "modemed" a document from New York to Tokyo. It took us essentially all day, but what a sense of accomplishment. Of course, if I try to explain this to my kids, they just roll their eyes.

  2. What a shame about the Old Farmer's car. Mindless vandalism seems to me almost worse that theft in that absolutely nobody benefits.
    Time for another look again at the photo of the beautifully restful river scene.

  3. Hari OM
    The car I decided to let go a couple of years ago, "L'il Ren", had window winders on the back doors. The electrics apparently didn't extend beyond the driver's position. It was a 2007 model. So anyone of 15 -20 years would remember them. Which must make me a total dinosaur, if that is the measure of being old!!! YAM xx

  4. I remember when my father's business got their first fax machine and dad would fax an order way and then ring the recipient up to make sure they had received the fax, often being a toll call. He never really trusted this new-fangled technology.

  5. Inca is envious that Sophie is able to reacquaint herself with new scents, in such serene surroundings. Ours are getting rather too familiar!
    My car has window winders on the back doors. Which came as something of a surprise as I just assumed that all the windows would be electrically operated. Not that it matters, hardly anyone ever sits in the back!
    What a spiteful thing to do, to scratch the Old Farmer's beloved Merc. A mindlessness act mixed with jealousy, I suspect. My husband had his car badly scratched, and we discovered that a ten year old boy was the culprit. It was something to do when he "borrowed" his father's screw driver - he would go out and "attack" cars that took his fancy!

  6. Interesting that you have your second jags. I think we're about the same age; I had my first, here in Scotland 6 weeks ago- before you- and expect another 4 weeks till my second.France maybe nae a' that bad, eh?

    1. Had it done this afternoon. Downside -Ten minute delay in a waiting room with fifteen others ( a sign on the door said 4 people allowed in at a time - maximum ) but ( upside ) both of us in and out in 45 seconds. Couldn't help but notice on the way out that a fifty something guy wandered in asking for a jab and was given an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Does this mean take-up isn't robust ? Proof of vaccination provided to us in paper form and on an app downloaded onto our phones .

    2. Really interesting. Do you think we'll get to come this summer? The concierge says tte house looks magnificent. Hey ho

  7. According to Buzzfeed, I am officially OLD! Well, my knees have been telling me that for a while now.