Sunday, May 30, 2021

The river meadows

Up early for a Zoom call. Unrest in Colombia, Egypts importance in Gaza,  America's 1/6 Commission  ( or lack of it ) and what will happen to the Tokyo Olympics are the topics of the day. One of the participants, a Hoover Institute type,  says America is going through a period of re-inventing itself , root and branch, while Europe and China are stagnating. There may be something to this although what sort of country will emerge - socially, politically and in terms of the economy - is left ( deliberately ?) vague.

The black and white C-A-T that looks like Hannibal Lecter is sitting on the lawn. Sophie rushes out, head back, ears flying. Hannibal Lecter C-A-T goes right. Sophie goes left. The start of day howling lasts for a full five minutes. How the villagers must love us.

This morning we head off for a walk through the communal forest. Now the days are getting warmer the forest is a good place to start the day. Twenty or so minutes through the woodland and we come to the river meadows. Hidden from sight by the trees but cultivated for as long as humans have inhabited these lands. The river meadows are special places. There is a sense of history and continuity to them that transcends war and plagues. These fertile fields can always be counted on. 

Sophie charges through the tracks made by the farmers tractor. Canyons of wheat.  Finally, she finds a way down to the stream and has a long cold drink. Then she glares at the dragon flies that flit around her. Life for an eight year old PON lady is simply wonderful.

Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse The Font is preparing a roast chicken for lunch. This is as far as Sophie intends to go for the rest of the day .... or at least until she has some roast chicken.

Is there no end to human ingenuity ? This is quite possible the oddest thing I've seen all year .... and it's been a pretty odd year. Schedule an appointment at a  mountain of mannequin parts. You will need to scroll down and read what's on offer :


  1. Hari OM
    Well, it's a golden dawn here by the Hutch - and a promise of 20 degrees... struth. As for recycled mannequins - very creative. Many may have come from Debenhams and BHS... YAM xx

  2. Just you wait - in a few months there'll be an exhibition in an Arty London or New York gallery, with mannequins with axes through their heads and it will all be very Deep And Meaningful.

  3. The river meadows perhaps give perspective on the notion of reinvention. I far prefer life in France to whatever reinvention is happening across the Atlantic, where gun sales have jumped.
    During lockdown, mannequins started appearing in the windows of closed restaurants. They were usually painted black, then splattered with vivid colors, giving a look of ninja paintball escapees or else Jackson Pollock. Some went for the Parisian oversized bears, but those tended to get stolen.

  4. Bertie and I would far prefer to be walking in the water meadows with Sophie rather than driving down the A1 to pick up some body parts!
    Forgive my ignorance, but can you further define a 'Hoover Institute type'?
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. What a wonderful morning Sophie has had so far, and the promise of roast chicken must surely make for the best day ever! Like Bertie and Gail, we'd love to accompany you on a walk to the water meadows. Not something we have around here, so a new experience for us both.
    Thanks, but we'll pass on the mannequin parts! Perhaps lonely people will dress them up and sit them around the house? YAM is probably right about the arty exhibitions.

  6. I guess what you describe regarding the river meadows and what the "Hoover Institute Type" describes regarding the US may explain why I am drawn towards Europe at least until the US decides which direction it is going in. I hope the roast chicken lived up to Sophie's expectations!

  7. Sophie, you have to camp out right beside the oven door when there is chicken inside. Trip anyone trying to steal it, and then hassle the chef when it is done to perfection. Those oven lights are wonderful things for letting you keep an eye on it. Regards Mr T (ps F thinks a mountains of mannekin body parts is more than slightly weird. What kind of mind goes " oh I know, I'll collect a mountain of discarded fibreglass mannekins and make a business out of it"?

  8. I remember when Brooks Brothers closed in New York last year and the building's owners were stuck with hundreds of mannequins. Perhaps they mad their way to the UK? Like others, my preference would be a walk through the river meadows.