Saturday, June 5, 2021


Heavy rain, banshee winds and clattering down pipes have interrupted our four legged companions beauty sleep. When I come downstairs and turn on the lights a dozy figure emerges from the library to greet me. This is a ' Where am I ? What time is it ?' type morning.

The front door is opened. Sophie rushes off in pursuit of a svelte black C-A-T. Those start of day cobwebs soon  dusted off. For those of a nervous disposition I should add that the C-A-T is completely safe. It has gone left through the laurel hedge to safety. Sophie has gone straight ahead across the lawn.

Life is rapidly returning to a semblance of normality. Election posters have started to appear on the village notice boards.

The Communists are fielding a jolly looking field of candidates.

After seventeen calls Angus finally speaks to the chief mechanic at the Volvo garage. The engine in the big Volvo has a 'leak'. Something to do with engine seals.  It had a leak last year which cost E2,000 to repair. It now appears to have the same problem. It is booked in for two days next week. The chief mechanic is told that annual 'leaks' are not my idea of fun. We seem to be rather unlucky with both cars from this manufacturer. Everyone criticizes Land Rovers but over many years our successive models never caused a problem.

 Egypt is having a heatwave - 42 and it's only June. I feel so sorry for the hotel staff with no tourists and none likely to arrive this summer. I hope old fashioned 'Death on the Nile' hotels like this survive  :

The third product is the one that surprised me the most :


WFT Nobby said...

The ongoing Volvo problems must be so enraging. Is the smaller vehicle functioning properly now?

Angus said...

The smaller one, apart from the non-working aircon, is a delight.

Coppa's girl said...

Your wind and rain have made it here this morning, and as I went out to the car the heavens opened. My 10 minute journey to the supermarket took much longer as I splashed through the flooded roads. Not a morning for the beach, so everyone decided to shop. Long queues at the car park entrance as the machine refused to give up a ticket, which has to be presented at the checkout to have a barcode added to your bill so that you can get out!
No walk for Inca yet it's far too miserable. This morning she hasn't even noticed the rather scruffy off-white moggy that slinks across the terrace right in front of her eyes. It's just too wet to bother to pursue it!
The Moudira looks fascinating - who would have thought it had been built recently.

Stephanie said...

I always especially enjoy photos of the ROF interior; the first picture has such a serene atmosphere.