Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Mid 30's.

That's the NATO summit done and dusted. It seems to have been a dull affair which is exactly what everyone would have been hoping for. The Manhattanites agree. Now the focus turns to Geneva. Fiona Hill and Michael McFaul have been busy prepping the President for what to expect. Let's hope tomorrows meeting turns out to be equally dull.

The weather segueing from warm to hot. Mid-30's here on the ridge yesterday. More of the same forecast today. A good reason for dog and master to be up super early to check the garden and saunter round the village while we still can.

By the time the pots have been watered the sun is rising above the valley and the thermometer is showing 22 degrees. Back home this would be as hot as it gets on a good Scottish summers day.

Sophie, after a detour in search of a C-A-T is ready for a day of excitement.

While I go to find the car keys, she settles down for a nap.  A trip to the bakers will follow shortly.

Twitter gold ! These ancient caves are near here. This twitter thread was read from top to bottom :https://twitter.com/DilettanteryPod/status/1403914695128457219

Australian humour :https://twitter.com/s8mb/status/1404429289223823362

You have to pity politicians. They're called to participate in photoshoots like this .... which are clearly bizarre and which no sane person would ever participate in  :https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1lPJqXLlYbWGb


Lisa in France said...

Yes, the politician photos this week have been pretty strange - I suppose they are going for social distancing, but the vibe is more "beam me up, Scotty". It has been pretty relaxing, however, not having to worry that the President is going to do something dreadful. Your house looks very lovely in that bottom shot, although the rising heat is almost visible.

Coppa's girl said...

Back from a very hot and humid walk here - it seems that our weather is much the same as yours. At the moment my computer tells me that it's 26ÂșC and partly sunny. This morning we didn't see any C-A-T-S, but Inca has discovered an impudent one that lies beside the defunct water feature in our garden. I'm trying to stop her barking and chasing them - mostly successfully, but there is always the odd one that she can't resist!
The last link amused me - they all stood there with looks on their faces that said "what the heck was that all about"??
Bizarre was a good description, Angus"!

Taste of France said...

The cave link was fascinating. I would love to visit Lascaux (to the replica museum), and I want to see some other caves south of Toulouse. I saw some cool prehistoric art in Zimbabwe and in Jordan (Wadi Rum). Having accompanied second-graders on spelunking trips, I can see the pluses and minuses of caves--good temperature, but oh so dark. Plus random holes that can plunge 30 meters. There's a cave nearby, Limousis, that doesn't have art but it's really worthwhile for the stalactites and stalagmites and a giant crystal formation. It's all done up for tourists, with lights and fairly flat walking surface, which makes for less nail-biting when accompanying second-graders.
Can you imagine the international second-guessing that went into that photo shoot? To not attract criticism about violation of the different nations' Covid rules, knowing that the smallest faux pas would become a scandal?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
- and in all that flashing tower 'aphorism' business from a conference of an organisation about 'security', a "work on climate change" drive-by.

Loved the cave art thread.

Sophie and Angus, I'd give anything for 22 degrees. We had three days up around there. Now we are back in jumpers and rugs. YAM xx

rottrover said...

102 forecast here in SoCal for today. Ugh. The dogs and I shall remain indoors for most of today. That display appears to have been done by a bunch of interns/young staffers. Someone thought It would be very cool.

Yamini MacLean said...

...haha! and I had to come back and link this article (re my first sentence.) Yxx