Saturday, June 12, 2021


Up early to review the G7 meeting with Manhattanites. One cynic observes that the Italian and Canadian economies will soon be too small to be in the world 'top 20' . What will the group photo look like then ? After we're done Sophie emerges into the garden. An exciting new day beckons . One look at her tells me she's had a rough night. ' With hair like that you won't be on the cover of Vogue  ' I say. She ignores my comment with an unmistakable diva like ' You can't get the staff ' look.

Our morning trip to the bakers slowed down by the decision of the motorway operating company to repair the tollgates on a Saturday morning. Two gates are closed and there is one gentleman doing very little. This morning there's a line of holiday makers cars starting off towards Toulouse and the coast.

We park in the little market town. A long time since we've been here. A few more shops shuttered but most seem to have survived the lengthy lockdown.

After a coffee, a non-descript Croissant and a bowl of water we head off to the chocolate shop. This morning we order some chocolate Mendiants but then think better of it and add some coffee and raspberry ganache.

The UK has extended travel restrictions for a month which will put a damper on the French hotel trade. Although more than 60% of the population has been vaccinated there's still a lot of younger folk who haven't and it's these 20 and 30 somethings who are being hit hard. Here's yet another new hotel opening planned to coincide with the 9 supposed ) end of travel restrictions. This time the hotel is in Italy :


Tigger's Mum said...

That's a charming looking market town. The more I read of your blog the more I wish I'd simply chucked in work early and moved to France while the door was still open. We had planned to retire there and 'missed the boat'. Enjoy your mendiants.

Coppa's girl said...

Well, the windswept, (aka "pulled through a hedge backwards") look has occasionally been seen on the cover of Vogue, so Sophie still stands a chance.
What a gorgeous selection to choose from - I'll go with your choices too, please!