Thursday, June 17, 2021

No speakee


Hot and heavy and humid. Not quite Louisiana weather but not far off. Sophie deals with the clamminess by enjoying a pre-walk nap on the stoop. The German billionaires builder stops his van for a chat. Surprise, surprise he  complains, at length, about the man with anger management issues. ' He's psychotic. Of course the cocaine doesn't help' I'm told.  At moments like this Angus reverts to his ' Me a little bit simple and no speakee the French so good' routine. This politically impartial stance requires making guttural noises in the back of the throat while carefully avoiding any opinion that could be misconstrued ... or indeed understood. 'The Font' thinks Angus is a natural for this role. I take this as a compliment.

Down with the big Volvo to Toulouse to have the oil leak checked. The dealer supposedly dealt with the problem  last year and it cost E2,000 to put right. It is annoying to be doing the same thing again, so soon. The courtesy car is a small porridge coloured Volvo which is identical to the dog car. This means we have, for now, two  matching vehicles. This somehow seems strangely embarrassing in an OCD sort of way.

To the bakers. Sophie sits under the table, out of the sun, and waits for curly croissant ends. I have to go in and ask for a bowl of water. Even 'The Font' , who always looks on the bright side, admits that todays offerings are underwhelming. Sophie disagrees and scores them 12/10. There again Sophie scores everything edible, badger poo included, with a 12/10.

The communal tractor seems to have given up the ghost. Understandable in this heat, considering its age.

A super quick tour of the village walls with Sophie. Then she settles down for a lengthy nap by a fan in the hallway.

It's the European soccer championships. This is the tournaments theme song. It is being played everywhere after France beat Germany 1-0 in an opening match. I mean everywhere. This morning it's our radio accompaniment to a windows down, hair blowing drive home in the courtesy Volvo :

I'd have to say the answer to this question, based on the evidence provided, is no :


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  2. It'll be time to worry when Angus joins Sophie in allocating scores to badger poo...
    Gail and Bertie are ferreting out their respective flags in preparation for tomorrow's big Euro 2021 game.

  3. Hot, heavy and humid here too, with rain earlier during the night and earlier this morning, so it's rather like wading through a steam bath.
    Inca is still on the hunt for Badger poo, in spite of being told it's unlikely to exist hereabouts. Judging croissants would be a nice alternative, but her mean owner won't allow her to be fed crumbs from the table!

  4. Hari OM
    I just cannot get up any enthusiasm for the round ball game. I may check in from time to time to see what mess Scotland are making of things. Then again...

    I wonder if advertisers realise that there are many like myself who do everything we can to avoid said marketing? YAM xx

  5. A politically impartial stance seems the only one to adopt here in SE USA, especially when faced with such "facts" as that hydroxychloroquine is a proven cure for covid the Democrats are trying to keep secret and that thousands of nursing home residents in NY state died after Gov. Cuomo sent those who were hospitalized with covid back into their nursing homes before they were cured....I could go on, but.... I confess I have never before had to exercise the art of saying nothing, while appearing to say something, to this degree. I laughed at the Font's assessment of Angus' ability.

  6. I have OCD and I have to agree, you're right about the identical cars! I hope it's an easy (inexpensive) fix for your big Volvo.