Saturday, June 19, 2021

Triumph or disaster ?

The Rickety Old Farmhouse is butterfly ( and bee ) heaven. Today, there must be sixty of them flitting backwards and forwards on the lavender that edges the pool. Every so often they all circle upwards and dance in a great, uncoordinated whirl.  It is such a wonderful sight that Angus decides to order an 1-Phone 12 which should have a better camera than this three year old model.

It's 'The Fonts' birthday tomorrow. We had planned to head off for a few days but the hotel by the sea claims the credit card deposit has been refused. The credit card company says it was cleared a week ago. We reschedule the trip for the 22nd so that the situation can be resolved. The hotel is proving to be one of those 'idiosyncratic' places - delightfully inept. We think of putting Sophie in the kennels for a few days but she's the first PON we've ever had who has never seen the sea. It is decided , if ever there was any doubt, that the diva will accompany us. Her reaction to new surroundings, the sea and lots of fresh faces will either be a triumph .... or a disaster. 

Down to the local market town. Busy on a Saturday morning. Barely seven and it's already twenty eight degrees.  There are local elections tomorrow. They will provide an interesting insight into how people are responding to the governments Covid legislation.

On our way home Sophie is taken for a walk along the old Roman road that follows the line of the stream along the valley floor. She stops to sniff every blade of grass. When I get too far ahead she stops and glares. This is the admonitory ' What don't you understand about going for a walk WITH your dog ?' look.

This seems like common sense :

Texas once again proves to be truly exotic - but we'll stick with croissants for breakfast :


Coppa's girl said...

What a wonderful photo of the butterflies! Our forecast today is 22ÂșC and mostly cloudy - the bit that isn't cloudy looks suspiciously like rain to me.
Hopefully the hotel is not so inept as to refuse the family Diva admittance, and will accept that they have received your deposit.

Lisa in France said...

I hope you will have your new phone in time for Sophie's visit to the seaside. Cherry thought the sea was rather alarming.

WFT Nobby said...

Does the i-phone 12 come with a guaranteed capacity to focus on fast disappearing moorhens?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM the money went out but hung in the ether, is that the argument? Gland the trip is going ahead anyway.

The Yale article lost me in the first line: "proximity and the use of face masks are well-known factors in the spread of COVID-19"... surely it is the non-use of facemasks they meant? Corrected at bottom of article, but really... This was an example of finding something for researchers to do, methinks. By its own admission, nothing to change the existing understanding of management. YAM xx

Tara said...

Huh. I've had the same credit card issue this past week. I tried to buy an item online, and it said that my card was declined (please check that you entered all the #s properly). Yes, I did. Second try, also declined. Yet two charges appeared immediately on my card. Verified with the bank that all was good. Tried to order the item a 3rd time by calling and going through a human. Same result. I've been searching online to see if this is a known issue, because it seems very odd.

Stephanie said...

The butterfly picture is wonderful! I'm wishing The Font a very happy birthday tomorrow and am looking forward to hearing about Sophie's vacation adventures. I've also been thrilled to see the return of French pastry photos to the blog. It's been a very long time.

Virginia said...

Well, I wondered if they'd factored in the increased likelihood that in hot, humid wether people would not wear their masks at all, or properly. It would seem self-evident that people would find them uncomfortable and therefore remove them.