Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sure to work out.

Sophie positions herself on the wooden garden table. From here she can observe all corners of the garden and make sure we're free of C-A-T-S. 

She's still there when the post lady drives up and informs me there's a parcel to collect. 'There's duty to be paid on it ' she adds. Turns out it's Sophie's dog bed. She's never had a fancy bed of her own before but we thought it time she had somewhere warm and padded for coming winter nights. Duty of E61 is levied on it together with E15 for 'processing'. The costs of Brexit.

A little later anger management man appears at the door with a large tray of wild mushrooms. He's been up since dawn foraging in the woodland and has picked rather too many. 'Would we like some ?'. I thank him profusely. He informs me that his eldest boy is grounded. 'He should be studying not fooling around'. Grounding a teenage male and telling him he can't see his girlfriend is sure to work out well. I keep this thought to myself.

Amidst this whirl of  activity Sophie opts to do what any sensible PON diva would do - catch up on her sleep. She studiously ignores the new bed.

 Should it be pronounced Missouri or Missoura ? :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwL9r7C1CM0


WFT Nobby said...

An impressive tray of mushrooms. I hope 'the Font' was able to use them to concoct something delicious.
My close friend and travelling companion of 30 plus years comes from a large family in Branson 'Missoura', where I spent two very happy Thanksgiving holidays. Case closed? Cheers, Gail.

Lisa in France said...

What a beautiful bed - monogrammed and in coordinating colors even! I am sure that Sophie will warm up to it in due course. I loved the video of Shenandoah - I've certainly never heard it sung that way! I had to watch an ad with a video of Paul Krugman before getting to the video but it was worth it.

Coppa's girl said...

I do hope that Inca won't get any ideas above her station if she sees Sophie's brand new bed. It really is fit for a queen or a diva! Inca will have to make do with her plastic bed, a hand-me-down from a previous Lab., and bulked out with a very thick duvet and a selection of duvet covers. She doesn't seem to mind.
The canoodling son has given the man with anger management issues yet another notch on his high blood pressure!

Angus said...

Sophie treats the new bed with great wariness. I fear it may be one of those purchases that dog owners think is a good idea and dogs shun.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Tell Sophie it's her sofa. Might make it more appealing to her. YAM xx

William Schmitt said...

How does the Font prepare Chanterelles?

rottrover said...

Thank you for the article from The Paris Review. Lovely. It took Otto and Osa a few days to warm up to their big memory foam bed, but now one of them is almost always in it. And I agree - the way to insure canoodling is to forbid it!

Angus said...

The line in the Review - 'poetry seeks you out, just like dogs' - was a delight.

Taste of France said...

Chanterelles! Lucky you!
Re the bed, don't judge too soon. First come the dog days of summer, when the cool tiles are probably far better to sleep on. Sophie might view the bed differently when winter is howling outside. It IS very posh.
Definitely Missoura. Have you seen the TikTok of the woman pointing to a map of the U.S., shaking her finger at Kansas, then Arkansas? Too funny.
Re the teen studying, it's the bac! It isn't just any final exam. All the younger teens have been let out of school already.

The Life of Riley said...

Try leaving Sophie random pieces of dry food on her bed for her to find, then a week or so later start hand feeding her food when you ask her to lie down on the bed and she does. After that only treat when she is lying "down" on the bed but still provide random snacks for her to find - she will soon learn it is her happy place to go to!