Friday, June 18, 2021

Taste the difference

There has been a thunderstorm over night. One of those storms that decides to park itself directly above The Rickety Old Farmhouse and rumble and grumble until it gets light. Its as if we've had the tympanum section of an orchestra practising in the attic. Sophie is quite unperturbed by thunder which is remarkable as the sound of  pigeons cooing can drive her into paroxysms of fury. 

The ground soft under foot after the rain. Down in the valley the farmer used the pre-storm calm to cut the wild flower meadow. The long grass has been baled and will be fed to his cows to produce a cheese that he claims tastes of buttercups and orchids. This sounds very romantic but in truth the cheese tastes just like any cheese from any field. He does a brisk trade with Parisian bistros whose customers swear blind they can taste the difference .... and pay handsomely for it. The urban dwellers search for rustic simplicity. The farmer in the valley has just taken delivery of an Audi SUV so I assume the cheese produces a good margin.

The big Volvo is ready to be collected from the dealers. They've taken out the engine and transmission and replaced a seal. I explain to Sophie that there won't be a visit to the bakers for a curly croissant end this morning. This news is met with incredulity of the ' But we always go for a croissant together !!!' variety . The small 'matching' porridge coloured Volvo can't be returned a moment too soon.

City of subdued excitement :


Lisa in France said...

Oh my gosh, what a face! And after she was so brave about the thunder. Hopefully, you can make it up to her tomorrow.

Coppa's girl said...

Oh dear, you'll have to tread very, very, carefully for a day or two, Angus!
Really you should have brought an extra croissant yesterday, and then dished it up after you'd collected the big car. No need for you to eat it, but we know Sophie won't refuse the curly ends. Being an owner of several Labradors over the years, I've learned to be very wily!

WFT Nobby said...

Sophie, don't you just hate these changes to routine. Especially when they involve croissant deprivation. Better luck tomorrow.
Toodle pip!

Teena and Lala said...

You’ll be in for an Oscar nominated PON sulk! I do hope your car is fixed quickly this time.

Angus said...

Sophie is delighted that someone understand the trauma of croissant deprivation.,

Angus said...

You are right. This pastry free moment should have been planned for.

Angus said...

Nothing on the planet can sulk like a croissant deprived PONette !

Linda Sue said...

I have lived in Bellingham for 50 years and have never been aware of that law. It has been ignored completely as there are many communal living situations- always have been, It used to be the hippie capital of the northwest. It was a cool laid back town then, now it is not worthy. In the past nine months the building of huge unattractive apartment buildings skyrocketed, instant ghettos obscuring the bay, the forests , crowding the streets into tunnels , really gross cheaply slapped together buildings on either side. Yet the huge population of homeless are still in squalor on the streets, in the parks and on the trails. The photo at the top of this article is not Bellingham , the information is iffy and irrelevant. What is happening here is a travesty. Also "The city of subdued excitement" was coined by a friend , painted on the side of his house, stolen by the city. Bellingham has become terrible over night, really- the buildings are everywhere and are disgusting.So there you go, truth!
Glad you are getting your real car back in good time- it is worth the sacrifice of a pastry end curl and a disappointed PON. I do LOVE her!