Wednesday, September 1, 2021


Eagle eyed readers will be able to spot something deeply incongruous in this photo. Sophie, who can usually detect a C-A-T at 100 metres seems sweetly oblivious to the feline sitting, unperturbed, on the middle chair. Our morning starts in silence.

Down in the valley we accelerate into super fast pace as we pass the cows. Sophie's view on life : No point in dicing with bovines. She ignores them and they, for the most part, ignore her.

Wonderful, desiccated, things to be found in the cut grass on the way to the Holy Well. Our pace slows to the sub glacial while they are foraged for and savoured. 

Todays croissant a mediocre 7.4/10

The state dinner that India's PM Modi gave for China's President Xi looks great :


Lisa in France said...

The menus were all kind of fascinating. I recall that Trump/Xi dinner in 2017, and Trump's enthusiasm for the chocolate cake. Funny that Sophie didn't notice the cat. We have a "cat lady" down the street from us, and I am always surprised when Charlie fails to notice all the lurking felines. He finally spotted one marching across the street last week, and he had a real "what on earth is THAT?" moment.

WFT Nobby said...

Sophie appears too focused on posing to notice the C-A-T in that first photo.

Angus said...

Well done Charlie !

Angus said...

Perhaps more irritation that we're not on our way to breakfast ?

Coppa's girl said...

I'm surprised that Sophie didn't check more carefully - those black and white ears are quite noticeable!
After our walk this morning we returned, as we usually do, by our pedestrian gate which is in a different part of the garden. Sitting on one of the terraces, as bold as brass and no more than a couple of metres away, was one of the feral kittens we seem to have "acquired"! It stared at Inca, she stared back, shrugged her shoulders and set off down the steps without so much as a backward glance and no barking! She was more intent on finding out if they'd left any of their breakfast lying around.
On our walk she'd found a very stale baguette in the undergrowth and galloped ahead of me (usually she's trailing behind) proudly carrying it in her mouth. Temptation got the better of her and she just had to stop to have a mouthful or two. I caught up with her, rescued the remains of the loaf and threw it in the rubbish bin. I expect we'll be "speaking" again when it's time to share my lunch!

Teena and Lala said...

That is one very brave C-A-T!

EAS said...

Time to name the cat.