Monday, December 13, 2021

A festive makeover

At last some sunshine after last weeks near constant rain. Sophie, who is approaching her ninth birthday and is starting to slow down a little, emerges and stands  in the doorway to enjoy the early morning warmth. She is in no hurry to move.

As we head off on our walk we see the new mayor and a group of committee members hard at work on the patch of lawn in front of the town hall.

By the time we've done our morning tour and greeted the geese, the donkeys and the Anger Management Mans chickens we find the village has had something of  a festive season  makeover.

Christmas, in the shape of eight 'modernist' trees, four log reindeers ( as previewed   last year ) and a life sized  Santa in a sledge have arrived. There appear to be Christmas lights which hint that we may be in for a spectacular night time show. A 'Happy Holidays' sign has appeared on the church doors. This has not yet been wired up.

The Swedish Christmas wreaths 'The Font' gave the old mayor last year have also reappeared. One has been placed on the town hall wall and the other, centrally,  above the village hall doors.

So starts a new week in a village in deepest, deepest France profonde where nothing ever happens...... and then it does.


Lisa in France said...

I think Sophie is just saving her energy in case she needs to deal with a C-A-T. Your village's version of French Christmas decorations is interesting. In any event, I like it a good deal more than this "Bon Bon tree" that Cartier has blessed my office building with this year:

WFT Nobby said...

The village decorations are engagingly off kilter.
But Sophie slowing down a little? Really? How time flies.

Coppa's girl said...

No, I don't think Sophie is slowing down either - like Lisa, I think she's saving her energy for unforeseen future encounters (unspecified, but might include C-A-T-S, wayward horses and the odd escaped cow?).
Not sure what to make of the new Mayor's Christmas decorations, but I don't think Santa will survive the first downpour - he looks as though he's been constructed the same way as a Guy Fawkes.

Fay said...

I agree with Coppa's girl, although the trees are sturdy! I do believe I prefer these decorations to Cartier's, courtesy of Lisa! I had read about Ed Sheehan and Elton John's collaboration, but not yet listened to the song. Thank you!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
OOohhh, Ed and Elton - FAB!!!

Now we await the night take of those village decs... YAM xx

EAS said...

I like the rustic hand-crafted looking village decor more than the Bon Bon tree which immediately made me thing of an alien man-eating plant. Sophie seems ageless.