Friday, December 3, 2021

Shrug of the shoulders.

There's a strong wind today. It's blowing at about 50 km/h as we head down the lane.  By the end of our village tour Sophie is experiencing an 'extreme fur' moment. Gusts will do that. I decide not to tell her .

It seems the US is now thinking that all 'alien' visitors ( this term always makes Angus laugh ) should quarantine for seven days on arrival. That's going to make a lot of family reunions fun and stress free this Christmas.  Not surprisingly there has been a tsunami of cancellations on flights across the Atlantic.

This mornings croissant on the stale side. 7/10. Once again Angus and Sophie are the only customers who dare to venture onto the outside terrace. A police car with three gendarmes drives by. All the gendarmes look at us but decide we must be harmless. Mad but harmless.

A quick visit to the frozen food store for some peas. The cabinets have become even more exotic. Turkey and Capon roasts appear. Turkey stuffed with foie gras has cholesterol overdose written all over it.

I ask one of the young ladies if anyone has tried the Beef in Pastry. She shrugs her shoulders which I guess is a 'No'.

Advent music #6. This ( fully masked )  Lithuanian choir are rather adventurous in their Advent programme :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
... Stirring music, the Carmina Burana - but for Advent? Adventurous indeed! Mind you - it rather matches Sophie's fur modelling this morning... YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

Sophie looking chic today (according to Bertie).
It would be interesting to hear a sound comparison between masked and unmasked versions of Carmina Burana.
Here in Aberdeen I risked a small (ten strong) gathering of former colleagues, where Covid/Omicron talk was eclipsed by horror stories about continued power outages in the 'shire', and musings on Shell's pulling out of Cambo.

The Life of Riley said...

Seven days US quarantine sounds almost easy, especially as you could be flying peak time on an almost empty plane. Here in Auckland, NZ, we ended 105 days of the toughest two NZ levels of lockdown at 11.59pm last night. Today is the first day double vaccinated kiwis can show our government issued passes to enter a cafe, bar or restaurant (or those places have to have unviable reduced numbers of customers) and we still can't leave the Auckland region (to visit other parts of NZ) for another 12 days (then only double vaxed 12+ year old people or unvaxed with a negative Covid-19 PCR test) are allowed to go on their summer holiday or visit out of town family, as since March 2020 there have been 44 Covid-19 deaths in our country of 5 million.

Linda said...

Envious of your Picard frozen food. It made a brief appearance in M&S, including the Perth branch, but now it's fallen foul of Brexit. Curse Brexit and all its works.

Coppa's girl said...

Not sure that Sophie's hairstyle will catch on with the general public, but it has a certain individuality about it that will make it popular in certain quarters!
Your croissants do seem to vary in quality, but I suspect that Sophie really isn't too bothered about the state of the curly ends.

Travel said...

Just as I was getting ready to sign a contract with a hotel to host a three day meeting for 250 people, another varrient, a quick survey says, half of the potential attendees are once again saying they will not travel.

The Bougalou Bear said...

My lyonnaise mother has good things to say about the filet de boeuf en croûte, but adds that one must be careful not to overcook it.
Sophie looks a vision of loveliness. As always.