Sunday, December 12, 2021


A clear , cloud free sky last night so it's decidedly nippy when we head out  this morning. Sophie sees a ginger C-A-T in the barn and gives chase. Ginger C-A-T clambers on top of a pile of logs. Sophie stands at the bottom of the pile and gives vocal expression to her displeasure. What the villagers feel about having their Sunday morning slumbers interrupted by a howling PONette doesn't bear thinking about. The family diva is encouraged, hastily, indoors.

When it's light we venture out again. Thankfully, ginger C-A-T has headed off so there are no repeats of the PON chorus. 

To the bakers. The bakers wife is up and about early. A gaggle of boisterous little ones surround her.  She's setting up a new window display but smiles, waves and opens the door.  Her husband has been busy making chocolate Christmas trees. 

I order a Buche de Noel. This will be ready on Christmas morning. I am told to come and collect it at 9:25 am exactly. The bakers wife tells me her order book is nearly twice last years levels and she has had to institute 'delivery slots' so that the Buche  can be boxed up and ready in time. This increase in demand  can be put down to the recent influx of work from home Parisians who, despite finding themselves in the sticks, are determined to celebrate in style. 'They know how to spend' she adds in a tone of voice that is both accusatory and delighted.

Advent song #14 from a masked and socially distanced Manhattan. This church has the most amazing architecture :


WFT Nobby said...

Love the photo of Sophie in front of the ROF in the early morning light.
And today's Advent video is a good reminder that Europe doesn't hold a monopoly on magnificent church architecture.

Lisa in France said...

Oh, ginger cats are the worst! I had a ginger cat when I was a child, and his favorite activity involved parading up and down outside our neighbor's picture window, just to drive the dog crazy. Nice to see St. Thomas's again - the video made me very homesick for New York at Christmas.

Coppa's girl said...

Sophie, Inca says that ginger cats are the very worst - our next door neighbour has a great big fat one which frightens our little feral cats away. No wonder it's so fat - it eats all the food we put out, until we shoo it away!
Clear skies here too last night and this morning the sun is already up, promising a sunny, though not necessarily warm, day. We shall shortly get ready to go down the the beach for breakfast with a friend. We've given up trying to find a decent croissant - the supermarkets seem to have the monopoly of those these days. This morning we are going to give in to temptation and have a bacon sandwich!

Travel said...

The pastries look so good, lucky dog to live so close,

rottrover said...

I'm glad that the Parisians are adding to the local economy!