Saturday, December 18, 2021



On our start of day walk we meet the girlfriend of the young man who  reads the water meter. She manages a dozen or so holiday homes owned by Brits . Her clients usually load up their cars with mince pies and Christmas puddings and drive down to the Gers for the holidays. Yesterday, the French government imposed blanket restrictions on travellers from the UK coming to France. The bulk of her clients had to cancel their travel plans at the last minute. One lucky couple made it onto the daily flight from Heathrow to Toulouse but are now forced to quarantine. She is heading off to turn down heating systems and make sure windows and shutters are all securely locked. 'It's a shame for them but if it stops it getting to France it'll be worthwhile' she says. Angus sees little point in being a Grinch and pointing out that Omicron is almost certainly here.

Sophie sports an unusual and somewhat comical post walk hairdo.  I tell her that two horns is a  suitably diabolic look for her. She ignores this with family diva  aloofness. Eagle eyed readers will note from her paws that she has already  been fishing for minnows, ineptly,  in the stream.

The Old Farmer spends much of the afternoon rummaging around in his basement. There are long periods of silence followed by brief interludes of swearing.  He finds another strand of Christmas lights. Our ninety two year old neighbour clambers, slowly,  up a step ladder and attaches them to the front and side of the garage . I wander over and ask if I can help but get a one word answer 'No!'. The Old Farmer has reached that age where fierce independence blends into the unrestrainedly  cantakerous. When darkness falls we observe that two thirds of the lights no longer work. We shall keep this observation to ourselves.

Advent music #20 from Brazil :

A fun product ideal for pouring . Interestingly , it's made in the US  :


WFT Nobby said...

Sophie's paws look to have high mud absorption capacity. (The fur on Bertie's legs and paws has grown a bit thinner over the past year - I'm not sure whether this is just age or possibly also related to the medication he's taking. Either way, it means less mud ends up in the car after a muddy walk and so is not wholly a bad thing).
I enjoyed today's Adeste Fideles from Brazil.
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

I wonder who would be more surprised if Sophie actually caught a minnow? Have you thought of buying her some doggy wellington boots to keep her feet clean and dry - or would they impede her chances of catching anything from the stream?
One has to admire the young girl's faith that by stopping Brits arriving for Christmas in France, Omicron won't make it to your shores. Sadly it's too late for us all, as it's already on the move - just as all the other variants have been.

Lisa in France said...

I think it's wonderful that your neighbor still thinks it is important to put the lights up (if not to take them down).

Travel said...

Sophie and I are looking forward to the "age where fierce independence blends into the unrestrainedly cantankerousness"

Stephanie said...

I was admiring Sophie's "sleek" coiffure until you pointed out the horns. No longer a dazzling star at the Old Farmer's to guide the air traffic into Toulouse?

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm not sure what we're wearing our masks to protect ourselves against any more. It's such a part of our lives these days, and all of us are feeling "cantankerous" so the Old Farmer is not alone!