Thursday, December 23, 2021

Just as happily.

Loic , the heavily bifocaled gardener, shows up to blow leaves. There has been some problem with a stand in doctor and he's not had his third booster shot yet. You'd think this would have been a priority. I call the matron. It seems the locum has raised some issues about side effects. Loic and the other residents of the home will all be having a six monthly check up at the local health centre next week so hopefully the issue will be resolved then. In the meantime he happily blows leaves into piles which Sophie, just as happily, scatters to all corners of the garden. Loic has a sister who will be coming to visit him this weekend. He is looking forward to the visit with an enthusiasm that words cannot fully describe.

The village is calm and quiet. During the afternoon a number of large expensive cars with Parisian registration plates glide through on their way to the supermarket Click and Collect. ( What would we have done without Click and Collect, Amazon and Netflix during this pandemic ?) .The Very Old Farmers son and family arrive  at lunchtime and open up the house. They have brought a Bassett with them. The Bassett is greatly taken with Sophie but sadly for him this interest is not returned. She makes a barely imperceptible throat growl when he approaches for a second time. The amorous Bassett gets the message. As we head towards the crossroads a fleet of vehicles disgorges cleaners, handymen and caterers at the chateau. The German billionaires are back or, more probably, are on their way. Wooden crates of wine are unloaded. The Anger Management Man meets us by the pond with the news that chickens can suffer from cardiovascular failure if they're exposed to loud and unexpected noises. This information is , presumably, related to his recent loss of a rooster.

So passes another day in a village in deepest,deepest France profonde where nothing ever happens.

A fully masked Advent song #265  from Nebraska ( which I'm guessing is kinda cold at this time of the year). Why something this enthusiastic should only have 861 views is a surprise. Some singers, it is observed, are better at mask discipline than others :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
The video has added another 200+ as I viewed it just now - different and joyous, ta! (And was interested to note as I view this shortly after publication that Angus is providing us with advent tunes in the 200's also...!)

I have said to several folk recently that I could not have survived were it not for online shopping and wonderful, cheerful delivery drivers. (Not having a vehicle means it has to come to me.) Seems that the little French village is burgeoning for the season... YAM xx

Lisa in France said...

Charlie agrees with Yam regarding cheerful delivery drivers. He likes our Amazon delivery guy so much that he jumped onto the elevator with him the other day, and I had to break social distancing rules to go and retrieve him. Our local chickens are prospering, and the priest has now constructed a large, heated coop for them in the middle of the temple yard. The temple is a stop on a local pilgrimage route of temples and shrines devoted to the Seven Lucky Gods. Completing the pilgrimage during the New Year's holiday is supposed to bring good luck, and I imagine the chickens will be an additional draw this year.

Another lovely and interesting Advent tune today - it's been quite a tour this year, perfect for a time when none of us can go anywhere.

WFT Nobby said...

This morning I shall be carrying around in my head an irredeemably comic mental image of an amorous Bassett hound unsucessfully trying his luck with the ROF's shaggy diva.

Travel said...

Sophie has discerning taste.

Fay said...

I wrongly assumed chicken cardiac arrest concerns related to the arrival of the German billionaire, and entourage, who undoubtedly will create chaos and noise.... Bassets seem good at accepting disappointment. A very Christmas-y portrait of Sophie. Another lovely song as Advent comes to a close.