Friday, June 7, 2013

The universe is full of wonderful things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

Two months since Bob and Sophie joined us. They're  now settled into a simple daily routine. Six hours of cacophonous hyperactivity interspersed with  bouts of deep sleep. Thank heavens for those long bouts of sleep !

The very old farmer was banned from driving in 2011. His little white van taken away by the gendarmes when arthritis prevented him from turning the wheel. How surprising then to see our neighbouring nonagenarian puttering across the village green on an antiquated tractor attached to which is a  luminescent orange trailer. Some questions are best left unasked. We wave. He concentrates on avoiding the Salle des Fetes.

A day of thumping and sawing in the house. New cracks appear on the plasterwork. The builders seem serenely unconcerned. '' Got to expect the odd crack in an old place like this " says the foreman. The new cracks join the cracks caused by the recent floods and Monsieur Bozo's compressed air purging of the plumbing system.  '' What fun! We live in a crack house  " says ' the font ' in a brave hearted display of Swedish humour.


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Aghhh! Don't those Gallic workmen realize you won't be calling them anymore and throwing money at them if they bring the house down around your ears? We infer patching the cracks is your problem? Good thing you have two furry little rays of sunshine about the house. Is Sophie still munching her way through a clay pot a day?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness these old buildings were built to last!
And to 'test our mettle'.
Have a great (crack free hopefully), day.

WFT Nobby said...

Just how long is that tongue of Bobs?

VirginiaC said...

The dear old farmer reminds me of a local saying.."if you don't have horse, ride cow." He doesn't have his white van anymore, so the tractor will have to He must have been a lot of fun in his younger days with that adventurous spirit that he still has going for him.
Cracks in old houses are as common as flies on horse mantra is "patch and move on, patch and move on"...Sometimes I do a guessing game where the next one will show up, since my home is still settling after all these years.
The font is an incurable optimist....a crack house it!

Poppy Q said...

Bob and Sophie have grown so much!!

Are the farmers having a Rugby breakfast on Saturday morning? Go the All Blacks!!!

Julie and Poppy Q

tammy j said...

HAHAHA! love the font's humor.
here if you have a crack that size in your house it means it's falling down.
unlike yours which is already probably ... what? at least 200 years old and still standing proud?
modern builders haven't got a clue!
absolutely love the pictures of the babies today. but when do i not!!! xo

Robin Larkspur said...

Bob's tail and tongue!! Expressive and enthusiastic.
At least the very old farmer can't go too fast on that tractor.
Laughing with everyone at "the font's" terrible pun.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

I think everyone should drive a tractor. Lower speeds make for happy days! Love those two pups whole heartedly! Good luck with the cracks.

Anonymous said...

Like George Jones when Tammy took his keys he drove the riding lawn mower to the store for something to drink.

Blueberry said...

Yikes! I'd be having a serious talk with someone about those cracks!

At least Bob and Sophie aren't worried!

Blueberry said...

Sorry, it's me, houndstooth! I'm having some computer issues today and I have to be logged in to a different account. I didn't realize it would change me to Blueberry! lol

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Angus! Sorry about the cracks in your walls--Does that mean that there will be a return of Aude, the chain smoking decaratrice from the womens cooperative? I think Bob and Sophie would love her too!