Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The excitement mounts.

Sophie starts her day attacking a toy bought for 50 cents from the 'odds and ends' section of the dog aisle at the supermarket. It has a resilience lacking in toys fifty times the price. 

At the cafe under the arcades the waitress is wearing her plastic apron with the battery powered flashing Christmas tree. Bob eyes it suspiciously before starting his illicit half croissant. 

The beer and absinthe crowd are nowhere to be seen. They've moved across the square to the market hall to watch a pair of elves put up a trestle table. Today is the day Santa Claus comes to visit the under-eights. The bibulous clearly feel they're included. Father Christmas pointedly ignores the lady in the pom pom slippers, blue dressing gown and curlers attempts to engage him in conversation.

As we head off we come face to face with a rather fine old horse pulling a trailer containing twenty or so excited little ones. Adults may adopt a world weary cynicism when it comes to Christmas but children don't. Bob and Sophie watch silently as they pass. Sophie positions herself behind my legs. One three year old is sucking his thumb in a way that indicates he's not entirely happy at being dragged along at such speed by a wild beast. The old horse would be delighted to know he's considered a 'wild beast'.

After such excitement the only thing for a PON to do is return home, check to see if anyone's dropped anything interesting on the floor and then find a quiet corner for a nap. 

The photography on this French Navy advert can only be described as awesome - best watched full screen. A reminder that not everyone will be home for Christmas


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

PON versus shark. We know who will win!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Father Christmas thought he looked drab by comparison.
I wonder how many Christmas carts that old fellow has pulled over the years. I hope a few treats will be waiting for him at the end of his working day.
The Youtube clip was incredible. Thoughts of courage, amazing engineering and how tiny we are.

Wishfully Thinking said...

where do you FIND these things.

Merry Christmas, M'Ongoose, Nollaig Chridheil

WFT Nobby said...

That video is simply magnificent. Combined with one of my favourite hymns (one I last sung at the funeral of my much loved sea-faring Uncle a couple of years ago) , shivers were shooting down my spine by the end.
Cheers, Gail.

Jo's World said...

The video is most beautiful and terrifying all at the same time.

Happy Holidays to all, People, Pons and Tired Old Horses!

Jo in Minniesnowda where we just barely managed a White Christmas

Julie said...

Only one more sleeps to Santy Paws ,Bob and Sophie, and then its fun time with the wrapping paper!

lyon de clarasvals said...

Merry Christmas Bob and Sophie and family.

VirginiaC said...

At last a toy that the Invincible Sophie can't destroy in the blink of an eye...thank goodness for the "odds and ends" section. That's where I found Brownie's "Big Blue Rat" too, and of course he hasn't managed to tear it apart as yet....go figure.
The video was terrifying for me....what a perilous journey, but the hymn made it better...thanks for posting.