Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A day for singing.

Epiphany. The mayors wife is up and about early taking down the village Christmas decorations. This in not an onerous or time consuming task. The PON's rush to the gate to let the world know that 'there's a woman out there stealing the baubles ! ". Routine events are invariably turned into high drama when the duo get involved.

Caroline, the unhappy cleaning lady, arrives. She opens the door, surveys the torn kitchen towel scattered across the hall floor and says ' Oh La La '. She then emits a tutting sound that segues into a harrumph somewhere in the back of her throat. A cue for Bob, Sophie and their owner to head off for a coffee, a bowl of water and an illicit half croissant. 

In the afternoon Amelie , the mustachioed village cat, clambers onto one of the gate piers and sits there surveying her domain . The effect this has on the PON's is immediate and dramatic. Sophie's inner karma has been disturbed. Bob's ire raised. There is stereophonic 'howling'. It is protracted. Amelie , secure on her perch, is unimpressed. 

Events too unimportant for a diary but too laughter inducing to go completely unrecorded. 

The very Celtic name of the second dog collar in this advert causes much amusement :


  1. Sophie inner karma must be very deeply buried.
    Oh and go on Angus, buy one of those dog collars. You know you want to.

  2. Cats that TEASE....we're with Bob and Sophie. Who knew it was an International conspiracy!

  3. Oh those tormenting Push-T-Cats!
    The cat across the road used to wait for our dog to look out the window and then used to roll and roll and roll, completely destroying our dog's karma!
    I'm sure I could hear that cat laughing!

  4. Brownie knows all about the harassment of cats....they sit on the wall purposely where he could never reach them in a million years, which annoys him no end. The barking and yelping that ensues can be heard a continent away I'm sure. The stares of the cats say it all.
    I've been meaning to let you know that I love the cute bandanas that the angels are sporting.....wonder if my boy would allow me to put one on him too?
    So how many Angus collars will you be purchasing?????

  5. Sophie looks very put out in that last photo.
    Smart collars!

  6. Very chic collars, maybe if Bob and Sophie had one (the Angus of course!) Amelie would be impressed!

  7. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 7, 2015 at 1:59 PM

    We know all about cats that tease - there's a very superior one that walks along our garden wall - just out of reach! The bandanas are very smart and we're amazed that they have survived for so long - surely the first thing to go when the angelic duo savage one another? Love the look on Sophie's face in the last photo - she could almost be practising for the choir! We're sure, too, that Amelie would be most impressed if the Pon's sported Angus collars - she might even come down off her perch for a closer look, and then they could chase her!