Friday, January 9, 2015

PON heaven.

Ever since his run in with the harvest mites Bob has developed a 'hot spot' on his back. Once every two weeks or so he bites away until he's created a red bald patch. Why he should have developed this now and why it should occur so infrequently a mystery. Low protein diet, lots of exercise, lots of games. What can be irritating him ?

One of those days. No less than five separate couriers show up at the front door. So do the gardeners, the oil delivery man and the fancy builder in his large shiny black Mercedes. The unexpected delights of French village life. All are greeted enthusiastically. The gardeners have remembered to bring cheese crackers. Sophie lets it be known that there is a special place in PON heaven reserved for them. 

No light in the Very Old Farmers window this morning. We have a routine where he leans out and waves as we pass on our eight am tour of inspection. Bob is talked too, Sophie gets a tickle. I'll wander round when the district nurse shows up at 8.30 to check that everything is fine.


  1. Loving your life. Praying for the Very Old Farmer

  2. The dear Very Old Farmer. We hope the news is not bad.
    Gail and Bertie.

  3. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 9, 2015 at 8:44 AM

    Such excitement - all those visitors to be barked at, and then cheese crackers- what can be better? Bob and Sophie have got those gardeners well trained! We just pray that the Very Old Farmer has overslept and all is well with him?

  4. I love the way visitors to the ROF have their priorities right and bring biscuits for the PONs!
    Fingers crossed for the Very Old Farmer

  5. Hot spots....what a mystery. Has he been getting enough of the croissant?

    Hope all's well for the Very Old Farmer.

  6. I hope the Very Old Farmer is okay, I do adore him and his quest for a happy and invigorating life.
    I use Apple Cider Vinegar on Brownie when he contracts a hot spot....I use Braggs organic apple cider vinegar on a cotton wool ball and dab and drench the hot spot three times a day. I also give him some (diluted 50/50 with water) in a spoon or syringe. The hot spot is gone in the blink of an eye. They can be quite irritating so Brownie sends his love to Bob.

    1. Thanks. Any idea what causes it ?

    2. Hi Angus, I've attached a link that explains the why and what not of hot spots on dogs.
      As others stated only use the organic apple cider vinegar with "the mother" in it.....I use Braggs which I buy at the health food store.
      I hope this helps dear sweet Bob.

  7. I do hope the Very Old Farmer is comfortable and if it is just a lie in, then he deserves it.
    Merlin agrees that hot spots are tiresome. I have never heard of using apple cider vinegar. Thank you VirginiaC, I prefer to use something simple if it is effective. I might try it on his paws, which he is currently nibbling too much.
    All those visitors; Bob and Sophie have had a busy day!

  8. Thanks, Virginia. I'm never without a bottle of Bragg's in the house.
    Our previous dog had a terrible time with his skin. Wish I'd known
    about this then instead of accepting steroids from the vet. Angus,
    be sure to use a fermented cider vinegar with some of the "mother"
    sediment still in the bottom of the bottle.


  9. I hope the very old farmer is okay!

  10. Hoping Very Old Farmer is well and just overslept. Perhaps the hot spot is an allergic reaction to something Bob gets into on his adventure?

  11. Seconding, or thirding, comments on use of Bragg's cider vinegar, or something organic with "mother" sediment present. Also good for people innards -- a spoonful in a glass of water in the morning.
    Hope the Very Old Farmer is OK.