Friday, January 2, 2015

The day after...

7:50 am. Sophie's ready to start her day. She's used the five minutes since she was let out of the front door to dig up some molehills.

7:52 am. Sophie doesn't understand why her owner is defrosting the car windows. It's that impatient ' my illicit half croissant awaits " look.

She returns from the trip to the cafe under the arcades dry, fluffy and looking almost like a well brought up PON girl should look. It doesn't last.

Ice on the water bowls. What excitement ! A discovery that needs to be shared, loudly and frequently, with the village. Ice makes a very satisfying crunching sound when chewed.

Bob is in ' time to catch up on my sleep' mode. He did his best to stay up for New Year but was asleep by eleven.  His sister was snoring half an hour before him.  Christmas and New Year are great but it's good to get back to his seasoned routine. In this dog and master are in full agreement.

Those little things too unimportant for a diary but recorded here because they're important in their own way.

We saw them last year and here they are again with something wild and crazy to get the New Year started :


  1. Did the horse without a coat (Brr!) get his promised carrot?

    1. Yes. Two from 'the font' and Sophie. He also enjoyed a long chat and a face rub. In return he dispensed a luxuriant series of licks. Horses, like dogs, enjoy the company of people and suffer when it's lacking.

  2. Sophie works "hard" all day, I understand about the early bedtime! Bob and sophie enjoying the ice reminded me of this video on YouTube:

  3. Must say, wouldn't have expected it of the Red Army.....are they still called the Red Army?

    Sophie would fit in our house, we wake up READY TO GO!

  4. Maybe there is a second hand shop or a jumble where you could find a used but still serviceable coat for the dear old horse. We will contribute gladly.
    It would certainly make his hours more comfortable.

  5. Thank you Angus for looking out for the horse.....does it belong to the same farmer with the cows?
    I can't imagine being in the cold with nothing to eat all the time....some people should steer clear of owning animals....

  6. "Happy" New Year Angus. If you want something to make you smile about the thought of old age, these retired New Zealanders (many over 80 years old) are wilder and crazier preforming the same song in your link above! My father used to be in the village featured in the sequel "disco" video.