Monday, January 12, 2015

Another sign of getting older ?

Today Sophie has delved into my jacket ( stupidly left hanging on the back of a hall chair ) and carefully retrieved the notes I'd put in the right hand pocket. The €10 and €20 notes have been eaten. The €5 note is has been discarded on the carpet after being torn in half. 

The gardeners have almost finished trimming the hedge that fronts onto the lane. Another half days work tomorrow and the Rickety Old Farmhouse should be looking spruce for the summer. Sophie hopes the gardeners remember the cheese crackers. The gardeners ( well versed in dealing with enthusiastic dogs ) have worked out that a cheese cracker = five minutes of peace and quiet.

Overnight the Front National have been out spraying all the road signs in the neighbourhood. Despite the reassuring narrative of a nation united, not everyone in France is happy.

Before dinner Sophie digs.

Here is Miss Taylor Swift. The fact that she's the best selling musician since the Beatles ( or was that the Rolling Stones ? ) something that has until recently passed me by. Another sign of getting older ? .  Isn't the goat brilliant ?


  1. Sophie is such a diva. Only the higher denomination notes taste good to her.
    Too bad about the local road signs.
    Dare I suggest that the fact you seem to have found the goat the most interesting aspect of a video featuring a best selling pop song by an attractive young woman also a sign of age………?

  2. Duke and Petite-Chose ar 2GJanuary 12, 2015 at 8:35 AM

    Well Angus, at least you should be able to replace the 5€ note fairly easily, but we don't hold out much hope for the 10 and 20€ notes! Seems Miss Sophie is proving to be a very expensive young lady, but at least this time she can't blame it on the gorgeous Bob - there should soon be evidence to prove he's innocent"!
    Was that the goat hitting the high notes? But what do we know - we're only a couple of dogs!

  3. What kind of cheese crackers keep dogs quiet for 5 whole minutes?!!

  4. ANGUS - I have experienced the same monetary loss, in exactly the same manner. Many many decades ago, on my twenty-first birthday my Grandmother sent me one $20 bill and another $1 bill tucked inside a birthday card. To 'buy myself something special for my 21st!" she said.
    My beloved dachshund, at the time, carefully took the two bills off my nightstand, completely ate the note of higher denomination, and then
    proceeded to make spitballs out of the measly one dollar note. IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we've all been there at some point.

  5. I'm still laughing at Sophie's expensive tastes!

  6. I knew Sophie had impeccable small change for our girl that's for sure!!!
    I have to be careful with note paper and tissues, and make sure they don't fall on the floor....Brownie loves to shred paper.

  7. Am reminded of Heraclitus: "Asses eat gold". Love the goat!

  8. Surely Hollande should not have excluded Le Pen from the Paris
    rally march. He's not presenting himself as a force for unity either.
    I don't think it was her choice not to attend.

  9. Goat must be auto-tuned as it was perfectly in tune. As for the money-too bad you can't explain to Sophie that she ate money that might have been spent getting her toys to destroy.

  10. And right on pitch, which is more than one can consistently say about Ms. Swift.

  11. Are the notes able to be digested? Goodness!