Friday, January 23, 2015

The release of positive endorphins .

From the Wikipedia entry on PONs  : Polish Lowland Sheepdogs are stable and self-confident. PONs adapt well to various conditions, and are popular as companion dogs for apartment dwellers in their native Poland. PONs require a moderate amount of exercise daily.

Angus and 'The Font' read this and wonder aloud about the mental state of Polish apartment dwellers and what constitutes a 'moderate amount of exercise '.

A trip in the car, a visit to the cafe, two long walks, a chat with the Post Lady and the Mayor, and yet the very second we turn our backs .....

Perhaps the Wikipedia entry has been written by the sort of people who write guide books for foreign visitors to America with advice that says : '' On the New York subway always turn to your neighbours introduce yourself and shake their hands. New Yorkers are noted for their relaxed demeanour and will be particularly keen to see your family photos and hear about your hobbies  ''. 

Those of a nervous disposition may wish to look away now. The mud trail up the side of the bath hints at the excitement that occurred when a sodden Sophie jumped out of the bath and went careering through the house.

The PONs end their day as they started it - content. We end our day exhausted. Must be something to do with the way dogs release positive endorphins into their owners bloodstream.


  1. I recall reading about the Polish apartment dwellers when we were first considering adding a PON to our Tokyo apartment life but I could never remember where I read it, so thank you! I need to show it to my husband as evidence that I was not completely mad!

    Lisa and Cherry

  2. Have you considered the PONSibility that they might be looking for truffles?

  3. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 23, 2015 at 8:39 AM

    Mmm....if Bob and Sophie are anything to go by, one wonders if the average Polish apartment has enough mud to satisfy a PONS penchant for digging.... There must be something down there that has captured their interest - buried treasure, Roman remains, truffles - yet another fosse septique? Or is it just where the last owner's dog buried his bones?
    Would love to have seen a sodden Sophie careering through the house , but not sure about the "comments" that followed her!

  4. No, sorry, but I just can't imagine a PON in an apartment, well, not unless it was some massive penthouse!
    Oh but I could imagine the damage a PON could cause in a penthouse, assuming its filled with priceless objet d'art!
    That's made me start my Friday with a smile

  5. So is that not true about New Yorkers then?
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Daily visits to this blog are a wonderful tonic just now, for which much thanks.

  6. I hazard to guess that Polish apartment dwellers don't spend any time in their apartments. They fill their hours tossing balls and walking their energetic PONs in the park.

  7. In a million years I can't imagine Bob or Sophie living in an apartment....that would certainly cramp their style.
    Just reading about their day made me release positive endorphins too!!!
    I have never met a New Yorker on the subway who has fit that description....must be a figment of the author's imagination or maybe he's hallucinating after buying something to smoke from the same person he shook hands with.....teee hee.
    How is the hot spot on Bob's back coming along?

  8. Perhaps the writer of the description interviewed people with a "Donald Trump" New York size penthouse apartment. :-)!

  9. Is that false advertising? We can imagine holes in the floor.

  10. Good grief... How do you guys survive? Must be some good wine in your cellar...

  11. Perhaps the contributor to the entry about PON's had been consuming one of Poland's popular liquid exports. PON's as apartment dwellers? Not fair to dog or owner.