Sunday, January 18, 2015

Language !

Bob is happy to be back in charge of his flock. A day spent guarding the front door.
His sister spends the morning playing with the demonic 'bird tweet' toy. 
In the late afternoon Sophie digs a hole in the middle of the driveway. The hole is eighteen inches deep and two feet in diameter. The hole is filled in. Sophie redigs it. Sophie hears language no well brought up girl should her.


  1. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 18, 2015 at 11:18 AM

    What a sterling chap Bob is - how reassuring to have him keeping watch over his flock. Somehow we get the impression, though you didn't know it at the time, that Sophie was wrongly named - wouldn't "Digger "be more suitable! Have you tried telling her that a Diva just doesn't "do" excavation works?

  2. Uh oh, you'll regret it when she starts using that language herself !

  3. Sophie!!! You can't be going around digging holes of that magnitude, you'll ruin your Diva manicure sweetie.
    I wish you would come on over and help me dig some holes that size in my garden, I have a few new shrubs to plant.
    Watch your language Angus.
    Happy Sunday to all!!

  4. I'm thinking Sophie isn't the type to be over sensitive to bad language...

  5. OMD! HBO words! Are you sure she isn't part terrier? Maybe you should foster a couple of sheep....give her something constructive to do and keep the grass clipped at the same time.
    Bonnie and Kenzie

  6. i know!
    what if you hire her out to dig holes for people.
    it would become her JOB.
    and just like everything that people . . . uh . . . dogs HAVE to do . . . it would kill the joy. LOLOL.
    she would come home tired and needing a shower and a glass of champagne. oh. i mean a beer. oh i mean ... some coconut ice cream.
    problem solved.
    you're welcome.

  7. Sounds like Sophie has discovered a great new game.

  8. I'm sure there was too much mud clogging those ears to really hear the colorful language.