Monday, January 5, 2015

Best of friends.

The weathers changed again. Now it's warm and mild. And muddy. By the time we've made it across the field and down to the stream Sophie's become a fully fledged mud monster.

After two weeks the holly berries above the front door looking decidedly unkempt. Later today I'll get out a step ladder and take them down. That only leaves the Muji Japanese minimalist Christmas trees to be disassembled. That has to be easier than putting them together.

Cooked chicken and raw chicken in the supermarket display cabinet. Don't think you'd see cooked and uncooked meats displayed together in the UK or US . Or would I ?

The duo's second birthday later this week. How different they are as characters. The ever dutiful Bob and his playgirl sister. They remain the very best of friends.


  1. Bob and Sophie know that friendship is so important.

  2. ANGUS - the photo of the two PONS sharing that long stick - in your Header Photo - says it all. If that photo doesn't say "we are best friends!!!" -
    I don't know what else could. Warm regards from the Westcoast of Canada to all of you.

  3. I have a holly tree growing against the wall of the Convent. It was planted as a twig the during the first year of us owning it. It is huge now and potentially damaging to the walls, so we may have to take it down. I am so sad about it as it is beautiful.
    Goodness, two years old already. I am certain time speeds up the older we become. I am not sure the Angels would approve of my birthday treat today; I am off to see Cats tonight!!

  4. Wishing you luck with the disassembling of the decorative Japanese Christmas trees.
    Give Bob and the mud monster a head rub and ear tickle for me.

  5. What is it that Tom Hank's character, Forrest Gump said? "Jenny and Me was like peas and carrots." Bob could say the same about he and Sophie.

    Hope your week is off to a good start.

  6. If I only have time to read one blog, it's always yours. Hope the PONS have a wonderful birthday! (P.S. No mixing of poultry in Santa Barbara)

  7. I just love coming to this blog to see those lovely faces!!!

  8. Bob and Sophie can't be two already...can they? They're sill full of puppy charm and joy of living, that's for sure.

  9. Hard to believe they are two. I think of them as puppies. Happy Birthday to them. Can their day can get any happier? Cheese from me guys.