Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Literacy optional.

It's lighter in the mornings now. Bob and Sophie have an extra five minutes to savage each other before they are loaded into the back of the car and head off to the cafe under the arcades for their ' illicit ' half croissant.

Grey and overcast when we park on the market square. The large white dog above the opticians shop barks at the intrepid duo. The intrepid duo bark back at their invisible foe. It's never occurred to either of them that the noise may be coming from up above their line of sight. They simply look bemused.

On our way home we pass more handiwork of the the local Front National activist. Not content with spraying FN on all the road signs he ( or she ) has now taken to spraying the rubbish bins. Angus counts three mistakes in the three line slogan. 'The Font' makes the observation that you don't need to pass an exam in literacy to spray paint dustbins.

None of this bothers Bob and Sophie who guard, dig, search for mischief and radiate happiness. 


  1. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 28, 2015 at 8:19 AM

    Judging by the state of her paws in the first photo, Sophie has already had a preliminary dig this morning, before heading out for that illicit half croissant. Could she be testing the "digability" of the garden for their later attack! Bob's look says "Dig? Who me? Never! I leave that to my sister!"

  2. I think I'd radiate happiness at the thought of a daily illicit croissant and coffee!

  3. Maybe the local Front National activist leaving a message on a trash bin that is contained behind a chain is symbolic for something? Okay, maybe (and probably) not....

  4. That last picture is frame worthy. What beautiful PON's!!

  5. Don't know that the last photo illustrates radiated happiness....but it's sweet.

  6. I can see Sophie with a spray can of her own correcting the mistakes on the a teacher with a red pen.