Monday, January 19, 2015

Clovis and Fabien.

Minus 15 in the Highlands of Scotland. Here it's bright and balmy. The garden a sea of mud. The PON's are in their element.
The warm weather brings out pilgrims. A group of forty or so singing and laughing as they go off to find the Holy Well. Bob eyes them up from his stump seat.
We've never had quiet PON's. In Scotland this didn't matter. Our nearest neighbours the sea and heather covered granite. Here, the angelic duo's boisterous frolics echo across the village. The matron at the Old Folks Home is on the night shift. What she thinks about us and the angelic duo as we head past her gate at 8.00 am doesn't bear thinking about. Sophie is telling the world how happy she is. 

This morning two men in blue boiler suits are waiting outside the church. The electronic bell repair men from Seine et Marne have shown up to deal with the errant chimes.  One introduces himself as Fabien. The other as Clovis. '' We'll sort it out " says Fabien. '' These old churches can be very damp. Interferes with the electrics " adds Clovis. 


  1. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 19, 2015 at 8:25 AM

    No wonder Sophie is so happy, and why shouldn't a girl tell the world? Looking at the mud on her paws in the bottom photo, it's plain to see that she has been indulging in her second favourite occupation (after eating)! Bob looks somewhat circumspect as though he's not convinced that someone called Fabien or Clovis can deal with those church bells - don't think we'd be very sure either. Back to the thirteen chimes on the half-hour again?

  2. Good luck to Fabien and Clovis.
    Oh for a quiet PON....sometimes.

  3. We thought Leah was going to be a quiet dog and then she found her bark. Maybe not quite the decibel level of a PON but she does her best!

  4. I know what you mean about the PON's barking. I think that if I can hear the Marc trains in the morning over in Maryland, they must be able to hear Todd and the others barking too.

  5. could you send Clovis and Fabien to me too? Our Bell has an ouchie and it rattles like an ole cookpot in the morning ... maybe it has a cold like my momma?

  6. Two perfect names.
    Apple dug a three foot deep hole this morning. This required a bath which seriously altered The Songwriter's carefully planned schedule. She is now clean, and slightly peeved. Songwriter resuming his day, slightly peeved as well. Thought you'd like to commiserate.

  7. Look at Sophie's boots....hilarious!!!
    Angus you're going to have to build an outdoor shower for the angelic duo. Here I use my outdoor sink to wash off Brownie's muddy paws or sometimes depending on how thick the mud is between the paws I use the garden hose.
    What's in a name....I do hope that Fabien and Clovis get the electronic church bells sorted out...

  8. So did Fabien have long hair and wear a floaty white shirt open to the naval, and was clovis in overalls, and chewing on a stalk of hay?