Saturday, January 17, 2015

A lengthy kiss.

Finally back to London. Bright spells interrupted by bracing wintry showers. 

The Frenchwoman in the flat has complained to the letting agent about a leak. Angus goes to see what the problem is. It's condensation on the underside of the hot water boiler. The Frenchwoman has set the thermostat at orchid growing levels. I tell her it's condensation. She asks me what I intend to do about it. For the briefest of moments Angus is lost for words.

In the Square they've pulled down a row of Georgian houses and replaced them with a new mock-Georgian corporate headquarters. There's something about it that's out of proportion with the buildings around. Heritage on steroids. This is presumably 'sensitive' redevelopment.

The flower seller outside the church provides an unseasonal burst of colour.  At the bookseller there's a paperback about testing your dogs intelligence. By page eight it's clear where the angelic duo stand. Neither can be classed as an undiscovered genius - unless you count their ability to recognize the word 'sausage' in eight five languages. 

Home. Sophie, who usually greets me with a '' Oh ! It's you " look,  is intent on giving me a long kiss. Seeing her muzzle and paws I do my best to refuse.


  1. Nothing like a sloppy, messy kiss.

    Don't think even one of the trio here would be classified as a genius and it certainly doesn't matter.

  2. You've got to love those licky kisses….well you get no choice in this house but maybe with a bit less mud?

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  4. Maybe the Frenchwoman is writing an amusing, anonymous blog about life as an expat in London and the (perceived) trials of dealing with English plumbing….?

  5. Speaking of canine intelligence, I saw a clip on TV the other day about
    a Lab whose owner has made arrangements for him to ride the bus solo
    to the dog park every morning. He keeps an eye out the window for his
    stop and hops off. Of course, he's dearly beloved by the other commuters
    who let him have a window seat so he can watch for his stop.

  6. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 17, 2015 at 2:03 PM

    Who would have though Sophie would be first with the welcome kisses? Maybe she's coming down off her diva pedestal for a special occasion just to welcome one of the lost flock home.
    We saw that clip about the Lab too! Lucky boy - we don't even have a bus round here, or a dog park. We do have a beach nearby, but we're not
    allowed there either!
    Surprised English Heritage allowed that new building in the square. You're right Angus, the proportions are totally wrong for the buildings around it. Planning gone mad - there was a time when the façade, at least, would have been retained.

  7. Sophie's welcome home to you reminds me of the quote that says, "there's nothing more affectionate than a wet dog." I think the same goes for a muddy one too!

  8. The windows look wrong. They have managed to eradicate all the elegance of a Georgian frontage.
    How could you refuse a kiss?!

  9. Those flower stalls are so difficult to pass up whenever I'm in London. There's something so delicious about walking down a London street with a large bouquet in one's arms.
    And your two are geniuses. As are mine. No doubt in my mind and no need for the book.

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  11. When I saw your A lengthy Kiss title, I immediately thought it was Bob who met you with a "Welcome Home" kiss, then I would have thought it was The Font, Sophie would have been my last choice.
    Like the ROF family, I'm glad you're back home safe and sound.
    The Frenchwoman in the flat seems a bit eccentric, it was good of you to stop by and check out her complaint for yourself.
    As for Dog IQ tests, there are a whole heap of websites online that cater to this....I couldn't be bothered to test my Brownie, he is way too smart for me sometimes.

  12. Angus at a loss for words? I think not. Angus at a loss for words suitable for polite company? Absolutely.
    The Idaho people seem like the ony normal renters yet.
    I remember when we thought Bob ad Sophie's mother looked a bit dirty and disheveled. Can you imagine her darling daughter living on a farm?
    "We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us".
    Winston Churchill

  13. My dog walks around a pole twice and then looks straight at me. He KNOWS I'll untangle his leash. Pure genius.

  14. LOL - the Dog IQ book reminds me of this: My Josey was tremendously smart; the three I have now - not so much, haha! But they sure are sweet and entertaining :)