Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Robins will wear their feathery fire.

Fabien and Clovis the bell technicians are gone by lunchtime. The mayor is given  firm instructions not to let anyone else interfere with the timer. The clock  now chimes out the hours between seven in the morning and ten at night. There is a single 'clunk' on the half hour. At weekends the noon and five in the evening chimes play out a tune. How much of a tune you can get with three bells is limited. The mayor seems happy.

Yesterdays excavations were circular. Today we've moved onto digging trenches. Three of them. Strangely regular and of uniform depth. Sophie doesn't even pretend to show remorse.
 Bob is just happy.

 The bath tub in the dog 'loo' is once again put to use.

Scores of Chaffinches at the bird feeder and one Robin. A particularly daring fellow; plump, red breasted, fearless . He checks us out of the gate when we head off for our morning walk and back in when we come home. The PON's ignore him and he them. A line by one of America's Great War poets comes out of a long forgotten place : "Robins will wear their feathery fire,Whistling their whims on a low fence-wire".



  1. Has Sophie found her niche in life?

    Dui met a sheep this morning before 6 a.m., he let everyone know.

  2. Our bird feeder/bird table is being studiously ignored. It is very frustrating!

    Those pups certainly do put the mucky into mucky pups!

  3. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 20, 2015 at 9:53 AM

    Has the village opened a "book" on how long before the church bells go off on chimes of their own devising?
    Oh Sophie! this is not how the family princess should behave - you've completely ruined your image! Looks as though Bob was equally guilty this time too - where did he get that muddy nose? However it has to be said that both of them look very, very, pleased with themselves!

  4. So much mud ! It's hard to believe that two PONs could get themselves so muddy daily!

  5. Well done Fabien and Clovis. Such splendid names!

  6. One of my favorite poetts and poems. I've used her poems for several choral compositions.

  7. You need a small flock of sheep to keep them occupied. And wouldn't that make life at the ROF interesting!

  8. It sounds like the pups need a 'job'. Anyone need sheep herded? Or holes dug?

  9. We too have a robin like that: what a cheery chap!