Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Ten to eight. Sophie is standing by the front door giving me here '' let's get the day started '' look.
Almost cold enough for frost. The winter sun throwing off just a hint of welcome warmth. Thankfully, the PON duo stick to sniffing along the verges and hedgerows and don't go charging off across the muddy fields.

When we get home Sophie still looks vaguely like a PON rather than a mud monster. This small victory over the gelatinous elements is recorded for posterity. Sophie,being a diva, poses for the camera. Bob heads off to the kitchen.

An evening talk in the Salle des Fetes by a man from the departmental historical society. Halfway through this clip from the archives is shown. A young French resistance fighter on his way to the gallows. The defiant young hero sticks his tongue out at the Nazi newsreel photographer. Thank God for those souls who won't be defeated.  https://vid.me/bBf  .


  1. ANGUS…….correct me if I am mistaken……..isn't this the first time we have ever seen the resident Diva with clean legs and feet? She is positively ready for the Red Carpet! Truly glam. In the final photo - she is absolutely putting "her best foot forward!" Miracles do happen. Greetings from the
    Westcoast of Canada.

  2. The muddy fields will still be there tomorrow..

  3. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 13, 2015 at 8:20 AM

    A Gold Star for Sophie, and proof in the photo of the clean legs and feet - they may never happen again! What a diva Sophie is - obviously her "My Public Awaits Me" stance is more important than breakfast. Surprising that Bob has beaten her to the kitchen.

  4. Sophie does look like she's on a photoshoot this morning, surprised to hear she let Bob get to the kitchen first though.

  5. She really is gorgeous, Angus.
    Thank God indeed. How different our life could be.

  6. Ms. Diva probably has made a new year resolution to stay away from muddy areas except when it really can't be helped...smile.
    Kudos to Bob as well for not charging off into the muddy fields....sign of maturity perhaps???