Wednesday, January 21, 2015


With Christmas a fast fading memory and the August Pottery 'Fayre' still on the distant horizon the rhythm of village once again falls into its natural lassitude. 

The hostilities between the Belgian Lady and the neighbouring horse farmer  have settled into a sort of  'Cold War'. The horse farmer has stopped visitors from parking on the Belgians roadside verge ( at the suggestion of the mayor ) and she has stopped blocking off the adjacent paths and tracks with barricades of chopped down branches. It may not be universal peace but it is at least progress. The mayor and the town council have been told, repeatedly, that they are latter day Talleyrand's who should be put in charge of the Quai d'Orsai. '' Such skill. Such maturity ". Flattery, as they say, will get you everywhere - particularly in a country where self deprecation is unheard of.

Closer to home the angelic duo are in that two year old sweet spot. One long exciting playtime. No lassitude for them.There have been further excavations in the field leading down to the stream. 'The Font ' suggests that Angus simply plant bulbs in each of the new holes. An informal 'Capability PON' style of planting.

On our evening walk we comment on the fact that Bob is looking very lithe and lean. One svelte fellow. The conversation comes to an abrupt stop when our attention turns to Sophie. 

 Here's an interesting article about dog breeding :


  1. But she is the most delicious of puddings. I guess it's OK now, but worth watching as time goes by.
    Currently trying to remove a little 'christmas weight' from Merlin.

  2. Maybe it's a case of taking the PON out of the paddock but not getting the paddock off the PON.

  3. Excellent bulb planting suggestion. The 'font' living up to her blog name as usual.

    1. "Capability PON" -- LOL, literally.

  4. Thank you for the link to the article on dog breeding. You might find equally interesting as it supports the benefits of genetic diversity.

  5. ". . . a country where self deprecation is unheard of." Almost spit out my tea while laughing at this gem.

  6. There seems to be a consensus of opinion that spaying/neutering
    does slow down a dog's metabolism, so Sophie can blame it on
    the hormones (or lack thereof). Apparently, we owners are expected
    to watch their diets for them and make sure their intake is restricted.
    Lots of luck! I think Bob escaped the knife so he's apt to stay slim.
    Lots of info on the web. We're the owners of a rather chubby female,
    by the way. One with a voracious appetite. Constant struggle.

    1. Bob takes his role of being the on alert 24/7 alpha dog very seriously. Sophie doesn't have those issues and is happy to nap.

  7. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GJanuary 21, 2015 at 2:18 PM

    What a brilliant idea to plant bulbs in Sophie's excavations - then she and Bob will be able to dig them up again later! Surprising that Sophie has retained her rotund shape with all the rushing around and savaging she does. Oh dear, perhaps a diet is on the cards?
    We have had to diet our female Lab. and it was not only hard work, but we felt so guilty denying treats and restricting her food. She would give us a look that said we were cruel and starving her. We had to slip biscuits to our svelte Spaniel/Retriever X boy dog when she wasn't looking! Both of them have had "the op." so it must be a question of genes.

    1. We had been prepared for the fact that Sophie - post op - might be prone to putting on a little weight. Her diet was adjusted, then adjusted again, accordingly. What we were not prepared for was her transformation into a manic eat everything and anything girl. Acorns, grass, the leaves on the bay tree - all are hoovered up as though they're the daintiest of delicacies. Then of course there is the issue of recycling. Thankfully, she has a brother to hare around the garden at high speed all day and keep her relatively trim.

  8. I always start my day with you blog ... Thanks so much it always makes me smile.
    Now, I find I end the day again with all the comments and replies. Thank You !!
    About 3 years ago we put Yogi on very good $$ diet food from the vet ... we find it keeps his weight down. (BUT this does not stop us from giving him far too many treats!!) But ... he's doing very well for 11 years old. Ahhh, the life of a yellow lab!
    Hugs to You and all
    Yogi & his Family from Ohio

  9. I wonder if Sophie needs her diet to be derived from different sources. Maybe certain elements in her diet stimulate her appetite or cause to gain weight.
    Even though it may be a quality veterinary diet it might not be the right one for her.