Monday, July 13, 2015

2 1/2.

2 1/2 years old. Bob and Sophie are up early to  celebrate . Bob hurtles out of the door in determined silence. Sophie follows on behind emitting her trade mark double yelp of excitement as she goes. While I check the pool they do a high speed tour of the boundaries. No cats or squirrels to report today.

A mysterious red ball has arrived in the garden. Presumably the property of a neighbours child. Sophie pushes it with her nose. This is a new trick and one that she spends all of two minutes perfecting. The ball, being inedible, is then completely ignored.

Out at nine for a post dinner walk along the ridge. Even the sunflowers are looking ragged in the constant heat. Some high clouds tonight. Perhaps there will be an Atlantic Front and rain tomorrow ?

Bob and Sophie's owners are left pondering how 2 1/2 years could have flown by so quickly. Such questions do not bother the PON duo who are too busy getting on with enjoying life.


  1. Two and a half years......cannot believe it's been that long since little, shy Sophie came to stay. We think she may fit under the 'we've created a monster' quote.

    Dui screams when he feels no one is paying attention--a case of desexing too young?

  2. WHAT??? Two and a half years? Are you sure? Seems like just yesterday when you brought the two cute little ones home to the ROF.
    Since then we've been privy to their everyday life of fun and frolic, and we have enjoyed every minute of it.
    Looking forward to many more years with Bob and Sophie.....give them both a hug for me....coconut ice cream for a treat today I presume.

  3. Two and a half years already. Time definitely speeds up as you age. I don't like it!
    Bob and Sophie are looking glorious. Has Mademoiselle lost some of her 'winter' weight?

  4. Cake? Ice cream? Yay!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Bob and Sophie !!!

  5. Time does fly so quickly, Our dog just had her third birthday and it seems like only a few months ago she was a tiny bitey/nippy puppy.

  6. Bob and Sophie's readers are pondering the speed of time's passing as well...Though Bob and Sophie contribute a little bit of joy to us each day!

  7. Happy Two and a Half Bob and Sophie!
    Let's hope Mr Weatherman brings the gift of some cooler weather. (For you, not us, of course!)

  8. It would be nice to be like Bob and Sophie and not pay attention to our age, but I'm afraid I'm reminded every day in some way shape or form!

    Kim - Life at Golden Pines