Sunday, July 26, 2015

The jury is out.

A hot Sunday morning.A pre-breakfast walk down the hill and across the fields to the waterfall. Bob charges ahead overcome with excitement. Sophie, distracted by something that might be edible, lags behind. Finding she's been left alone the family diva lets out a loud yelp and rushes to catch up. Master and brother receive a ' Don't you know it's rude to ignore a lady ? ' frown. Then she's off again. Lured away by some dried deer poo. Very lady like. Fifty yards on there's another yelp, another mad rush to catch up and another frown. 

The whee lhoo whee call of the suddenly everywhere Orioles; a Nuthatch, invisible on the ground, soars out of the stubble, gold and blue feathers caught in the rising sun. Is there any greater luxury in life than to be out early with two healthy dogs ? The things you see, the sounds you hear, the excitement you share. I clamber back up the hill laughing. Sophie follows on, frowning.

The desktop still broken. The laptop, despite its claims to speed and competence, painfully slow at downloading pictures. It has an aversion to blogging. Unbidden, the nice young lady at DELL e-mails to say she's run a diagnostic scan on the old machine and the problem is the video card. '' Perhaps you might find a replacement on Amazon ? " A new computer with Windows 10 and a QWERTY keyboard ( as well as a French keyboard which is obligatory in France whether you want it or not ) will arrive sometime in the next two weeks.

'The Font' finds a field mouse peering out ,affably, from the cupboard under the sink in the downstairs kitchen. It looks up, then clambers down and rushes out of the door that leads onto the terrace. Has it just wandered in ? Has the repointing  done anything to stop them building their nests in the walls ? Does another year of finding stashes of berries and nuts carefully hidden in shoes and slippers lie ahead ? The jury is out. Naturally, neither PON is aware of the presence of this four legged creature yards away from them.


  1. Like you, Angus, my favorite walks are the ones in the early morning as the world begins to wake up, and watching the dogs enjoy the fresh scents from the night before.

    And call me "old fashioned" even though I love the ease/convenience of a laptop, I really prefer a desktop.

  2. So good to see you this morning..sorry that your desktop is down and out.
    However, I would buy a new video card and update a few other innards to make sure it was back up to speed.
    I do this with mine on a pretty regular basis, which means that the case has been around for a while but the insides are constantly updated as needed.
    I find it pretty miserable to blog from my laptop except I absolutely must.
    Here the computer stores sell all the components separately and most folks have their desktops built to their personal specifications.
    My techie guy would love a trip to deepest France profonde to fix your desktop....I of course would tag along.

  3. Perhaps the question is whether the repointing has cut off
    the mice's access to the exterior of the house. Now if they
    want to exit, it has to be from within. But, hopefully,
    re-entry will be a problem.

  4. Good Morning Everyone! How exciting to find Bob and Sophie on another adventure. All is right with the world! Many thanks to Anonymous for sharing with me how to find former Adventures, I greatly appreciate your kindness.

  5. You are right. Early morning walks are the best.

  6. Coppa's girlJuly 26, 2015 at 5:39 PM

    Sundays as they should be lived......
    We're out just after dawn, when it's peaceful and there's not a soul or car about - best part of the day - and the coolest.

  7. Perhaps a Mac?
    They are incredibly picture-friendly.

  8. We agree with you......early mornings are the best time of day. The bird life is incredible!

  9. I hadn't expected a Bob-and-Sophie adventure today, but checked just out of habit. How nice of the woman from Dell -- and agreed with VirginiaC that it's good to keep the innards of a machine updated from time to time.

    Love your description of the birds in the early morning.

  10. Repointing disturbs all sorts of rodent routes. Expect the unexpected.
    Are PON's always laughing?