Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Unrequited love.

Bob hasn't got the hang of house guests. He feels the need to be up to greet everyone. He also feels the need to say goodnight to everyone. The net result is his sleep is foreshortened. This morning I come downstairs and find him snoring away. He wakes looking squiffy. Sophie has a different approach. She only feels the need to greet house guests if they have food in their hands. The rest of the time she ignores them. 

On the other side of the valley the clouds are building up over the mountains. Accuweather says ' rain in 71 minutes '. Two hours later it announces ' rain in 117 minutes '. Wherever the rain is falling it's not here.

Over lunch MIT boy regales us with tales of unrequited love. Besotted with a French girl with the face of an angel he takes a porters job in a €750 a night boutique hotel where she works as a receptionist. Staff accommodation is in an unairconditioned apartment shared with two chain smoking Bulgarian sous chefs. They teach him card tricks. His job involves getting up early and taking the hotel van to the discount supermarket to pick up what's needed for the 'fresh every day' breakfast buffet . Each morning he witnesses a miracle. Between the discount store and the fancy hotel buffet the Aldi ' Family Price Buster - 4 for €2.60 ' melons transform themselves into ' Local Cantaloupes from the hills above Mougins '. Sadly, it's soon apparent the girl with the face of an angel seems to be less impressed with him than she is with the Russian with the red Ferrari. Unrequited love. Time to dust down his Eurail pass .

Bob catches up on lost sleep from his vantage point at the front door. Later there will be games of 'throw the furry fox'. 


  1. By the end of the summer we wonder, whatever else they may have learned, how many American sophmores will return home as experts at "throw the furry fox"

  2. Oh dear. When I hear 'MIT boy' I think of my one time lodger Naomi, who had studied at neighbouring all female college Wellesley College (alma mater of Hillary Clinton I believe). She said the Wellesley students looked to predominantly male MIT for boyfriends but it was well known that "the odds were good but the goods were odd"…
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. It pays to make a fuss of visitors who may engage in games of throw the furry fox.

    1. ...and those who drop bacon sandwiches on the floor.....

  4. Glad to hear furry fox is still being thrown!

  5. It would take more, much more, than the "face of an angel" for me to share an un-airconditioned room with smokers.

  6. Young love...ooh those days of young love.

  7. I do hope that during the game of throw the fury fox, Bob had a chance to point out to MIT boy, the error of his ways re the girl with the face of an angel. Bob is so wise.