Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sophie gets stung .

Sophie rushes out of the front door to greet the post lady and promptly gets stung. There is a moments silence. Then the diva routine starts. And what a routine.  Hold up your paw, slump on your side, turn on your back, then howl. Repeat - frequently.

Her paw is washed. She complains loudly. By now Sophie's making such a noise we wonder if perhaps she's broken a bone in her foot.  'The Font' loads the princess into the back of the car in readiness for a trip to the vet.  Satisfied that she is now the undisputed centre of attention Sophie's symptoms magically ( and immediately ) disappear.  Previous generations of PONs were stoic. This is not a word one would associate with Sophie. The vet gives her the once over. Possibly a frelon sting. An anti-inflammatory and and anti-biotic. Pomade twice a day. 

Bob observes Sophie and 'The Font' return home . He wears his ' Blimey ! What's up with her ? ' face. This is a look he dons quite frequently.

From breakfast time onwards Accuweather predicts ' rain starts in 9 minutes' . By dinner time we're beginning to doubt the accuracy of the forecast. Waco heat mixed with Galveston humidity. The rain never reaches us.

Just one of those long hot summer days with two lively dogs.


  1. Darling Sophie was in shock! She had her heart set on greeting the Post lady, when the unthinkable happens. It takes a moment to comprehend the sudden turn of events. I completely understand!

  2. Sophie knows how to milk the situation! Glad she wasn't really injured.

  3. Poor Sophie. I bet some yogurt would help.

  4. P.S. I hope you put all these stories in a book some day. I'd certainly buy it. I look forward to your post every day.

  5. We, of the relentless southern California drought, got RAIN yesterday! Thunder, lightening, a power outage. Great fun. Taking the dogs to the beach today!

  6. 9 minutes? How so very accurate. Glad to hear Sophie has magickally gotten better! :)

  7. Girls are more dramatic. Apple was once stung on her pretty paw during a long walk. She sat down, howling, and refusing to take another step. The Songwriter had to carry her all the way home. Edward was embarrassed.

  8. The weather forecast precise but not accurate then.
    One wonders if Bob would even have let you know if he'd been stung.

  9. Oh Sophie, so sorry to hear about your hornet sting, but I'm sure your paw will be okay.
    I am always sniffing around bees when I see them crawling around, but my Mum takes away the fun by telling me to leave them, I may get stung.
    I'm sure it can't be that survived.
    Ignore your brother's look of disapproval....he should be more sympathetic and get that ' Blimey ! What's up with her ? look off his face.
    Wish I could lick your paw for you to make it better.
    Your pal Brownie.